6 Essential Repair And Maintenance Tips For New Homeowners

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Buying a home is an exciting achievement, it’s probably one of your largest assets, yet. You get to enjoy the freedom of upgrading, modifying and tweaking home however you feel like to make it as comfortable and convenient for your stay as possible. Whether you just bought a brand new home or a previously owned one, there’re a number of repairs and maintenance tasks you need to do to protect your valuable investment.

As a first-time homeowner, you will start appreciating just how much work the homeowners and landlords put in to keep up their property. When you were previously renting, chances are your landlord handled all the building maintenance, indoor repairs, and yard work for you.

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A Fool-Proof Formula for Choosing the Best Garage Door Opener

Garage Door Opener Repair Ann Arbor

Whether your current garage door opener is damaged beyond redemption by a garage door repair expert or you’re looking to upgrade to a newer, more powerful and smart opener, you need to put a lot of consideration into your choices. Choosing the best garage opener is not just about cost or brand, it’s about features, functionality and warranty options.


So if you’re new for a new garage door opener installation, we will be sharing some important tips and features to look for, but first, a quick look at the available types of garage door openers.


Types of Garage Door Openers


Garage door openers generally have a similar design –they feature a motor that drives a carriage or a trolley along a rail.

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7 Simple Ways to Boost Home Value

If you’re planning to sell your Ypsilanti home any time soon, chances are you’re looking for ways to increases its value and sell it faster at a handsome price tag. Selling a house can be quite intimidating, especially if it’s your fast time. You’re afraid you might not get quality offers at the current market price, and you have an urgent need to move out, so waiting for too long for better prices isn’t an option.

If you have been procrastinating making those much-needed improvements, now might be the best time because we have some surprisingly effective tips for you. In this article, we will be sharing 7 simple, budget-friendly ways to boost your home’s value –whether you’re planning to sell or just want to take care of your investment.

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Springtime Garage Improvements that Will Make Your Life Easier In your Novi Michigan Home

Springtime Garage Improvements that Will Make Your Life Easier.

Springtime Garage Improvements that Will Make Your Life Easier In your Novi Michigan Home

Garage Maintenance For Hassel Free Living.

Whether you’re considering a new garage door replacement in Ann Arbor MI or a simple garage door opener installation in Canton MI, springtime has always been the best season to make such garage improvements. For most homeowners, springtime means cleaning, but not many of them remember to check the condition of their garage door.

Seasonally speaking, it’s much more convenient to make major repairs on your garage door when there is less tension on the moving parts, and when the weather is well-balanced. During the unforgiving winter months, the garage is used to shelter vehicles while the hot summer weather comes with its own set of challenges.Garage Door Repair

What to Consider When Selecting a Garage Door Repair Company?

Find Garage Door Repair Near You in Ypsilanti

A garage door is a crucial feature on your house as it secures your family and properties from harm and theft. Given its role and size relative to the house, it should be considered a valuable investment and given all the attention it deserves to prevent damages.

If you’re planning to repair a damaged garage door or install a new one, it’s important to hire a reliable and competent garage door repair company for the task. If you don’t have the technical skills and tools required, attempting to repair your own garage door can be quite dangerous. When hiring a garage repair company, here are a few things to consider.

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3 Garage Door Repair Hacks You Need To Know

Garage Door Service Troy MI

Garage Door Repair Hacks

As a homeowner, garage door repairs or opener repairs should not be a topic to debate about. Instead, this practice should be carried out routinely to ensure that every facility in your home, including your garage doors are in good working conditions. As such, proper and regular maintenance should remain the key factors that will make your garage door last longer while serving you in full capacity. Unfortunately, most of the homeowners are not fully aware of what it entails to make their garage doors efficient and in good shape. That is why we've come up with three garage door repair hacks you need to know in order to help you save money and time in your home.

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Easy Ways to Improve Garage Door Security

Easy Garage Door Repairs and Upgrades for Enhanced Security 

Most homeowners worry a lot about keeping their doors and windows locked and often overlook the importance of securing their garage door. If you keep anything of value in your garage or if your garage is attached to your house, your home is at high risk of being broken into. 

The good news is, as burglars become more sophisticated, so does home and garage door security systems. However, you will be surprised how often homeowners don’t consider garage doors when doing home security system upgrade or installations. In this article, we want to share a few simple ways you can use improve the security of your garage door, without breaking your bank.

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5 Tips for Preparing your Garage for winter and Avoiding Costly Repair

Shifting from fall to winter in Ypsilanti and all other areas of Southeastern Michigan comes with a with a wide range of tasks in preparation for the cold, ice and snow –prepping vehicles, winterizing the lawn, cleaning gutters, insulating the attic and so on.  But, most homeowners tend to overlook the garage, without remembering that it’s the largest entry point into their house.

A few simple upgrades and changes can make your garage warmer while protecting it from moisture damage during the winter months. Some of these tasks may take some effort, however, when implemented, they can make a huge difference when snowflakes start to fly.

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5 Reasons for Replacing Your Garage Door Opener

Garage Door Repair and Installation in Ann Arbor Michigan

An average garage door closes and opens approximately  1,500 times a year.  Most garage door openers will rarely fail  however when when they do it is usually happens without showing any warning signs. Thus it’s not impossible to just wake up one day and realize your garage door opener has a mind of its own. 

There’re garage door repair and maintenance practices you can do to ensure that your opener operates efficiently for longer, but there are also a few other factors that fall out of your control. It’s your responsibility as a homeowner to remain aware of the signs that your garage door is displaying.

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7 Garage Door Safety Tips for Every Homeowner

Westland Michigan garage door repair and spring repair services

Your Westland garage door system can provide wonderful conveniences for homeowners when they don't need repair.  When winter comes around, you don’t have to worry about digging your vehicle out of snow.  Also, when you have heavy cargo to bring inside, you can escape having to carry it across the lawn or across the street. But this convenience doesn’t come without challenges, and garage door safety concerns are some of them.

Considering your garage door is the biggest, heaviest moving part of your house, there’re very high chance of accidents and injuries occurring during your daily operation. In this article, we will share some essential safety tips that homeowners can follow to avoid injuries, accidents, and damages.

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Essential home repairs and improvements when selling your home

Garage door repair Canton MI

Garage door repair Canton MI

Making your Canton Michigan property ready for the market can be a daunting task. You have endless junk and clutter to clear, improvements to make and repair issues to fix. In the modern age, you can’t afford to simply throw your property on the market and wait to see what happens. Preparing your home before selling is a highly choreographed dance involving repair along with some renovations and clever presentation.


Maintaining and improving your home before putting it on the market is a sure way to attract more interest from potential buyers. Small investments such as garage door repair or repainting will pay off in the long run because your property will attract high-value bids.

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Boost Home Values With Garage Related Repairs & Improvements

Best Garage Door Opener

Its been a few years since you first purchased your home and now your ready to sell and get a return on all that sweat and equity you put into repairing the Garage Door, Roof, and all the other small projects.  But before you decide to call the realtor for listing, lets run over a quick checklist of items that should address for maximum return on the sale.

In this article, we will discuss 3 areas that shouldn’t be overlooked when preparing to sell your home.  We’re talking about some basic garage door repairs, landscaping tips, and easy to do paint schemes.… Garage Door Repair

The top 5 Reasons Your Garage Door Is Not Opening

We’ve all experienced that moment when the garage door just can’t open or close. And for some reason, this often happens when you’re running late or pressed for time. Since the garage door is the most common entrance in many homes, this malfunction can be frustrating and quite an inconvenience, and you need to diagnose it as soon as possible.

A garage door is bound to experience various functional issues every once in a while. Most garage door malfunctions happen in winter when power outages are most common. Homeowners in Michigan cities such as Troy, Ann Arbor, Canton, and Ypsilanti are all well aware of these problems.… Garage Door Repair

Garage Repairs & Improvements To Increase Your Home Value

Garage Door Repair Canton MI

Home improvement and repairs is one of the most vital task involved in home ownership.  This is especially true if you want to not only maintain the value of your home, but also improve upon it.   With out these maintenance and improvement activities the value of your home can suffer and if you ever plan to sell, these un attended areas may just leave you stuck sitting on a slower selling, less attractive home. 

When it comes to repairs and improvements the garage door and opener have always been one of the most neglected areas of the home. In fact, 99 percent of homeowners never make any changes or improvements to their garage doors unless it breaks down and needs garage door repair.

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Garage Door Supplier | Installation & Repair Services | Canton MI

The Garage Doors Pro's have provided Canton MI with reliable Garage Door Services For over a decade.

During this time we have serviced thousands of homes and provided services which include:

We Install the industries best Safe-Way Doors and Liftmaster Garage Door Openers</a>. As a brand partner, you will have access to a customizable garage door selection with over 50 unique garage door options.

Experience the power of Lift Master owners with 8 different convenience-related features.

Providing Canton MI with garage door repair and garage door installation estimates and you will always know the final cost.

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Top 3 Reasons To Hire A Professional Garage Door Repair Service


Garage Door Service Troy MIThree good reasons to hire a Garage Door Service

Every once in a while people feel proud whenever they make a move that professionals do. This is why DIY projects have become so popular with homeowners. Many people think that if they repair garage doors themselves, they will discover more about how some parts function and maybe save some money. However, it’s almost always more convenient to seek professional help on matters regarding garage door repair.

Garage doors are probably the largest moving parts of your house, and with such weight, you can hurt yourself pretty bad. Many people have gotten their fingers caught inside hinges while trying to do these repairs.

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Choosing The Best Garage Door Opener For Your Home

Best Garage Door Opener

A garage door opener offers you easy access to the home and also improves your security. Features like home automation connectivity and compatibility with smart devices make garage doors a lot more convenient in today's tech age. But with so many options in the market, choosing the right device can be quite overwhelming and confusing. However, with a few guides and tips, selecting the most suitable garage door opener should not be a challenge.

Three of the most important components you need to focus on when choosing garage door openers are the motor strength, drive type, and safety features. In this guide, we will go through these components and a few more key features and functionalities that you should look out for when choosing the best garage door opener 


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Garage Door Repair Maintenance Tips | Canton MI

Avoid Garage Door Repairs On Your Canton MI Home

Garage Door Opener Repair and Installation

Preventive maintenance on your Canton Michigan home's garage door system  can  prolong most garage door door repairs that would other wise happen in a sorter time span.

When using your garage door system several times a day, every day, with no sign of failure it can easily be taken for granted.  There will however be one day that something does fail, such as broken spring, the door falls off from track, or the opener is un responsive for no apparent reason.

To help home owners pro actively address these future inconveniences we have put together 9 point list of maintenance checks that home owners can reference.

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openers and garage door suppliers

LiftMaster 8557 Garage Door Opener | Installation

Garage Door Opener Benefits | LiftMaster 8557W 

openers and garage door suppliers
The LiftMaster 8557W Garage Door Opener is manufactured by the Chamberlain Group. As a highly dependable and reliable unit, the LiftMaster 8557W offers the perfect blend of quiet and power. In fact, the unit features 50% more power – and can easily lift even the heaviest of garage doors.  With its precise and patented Motor Vibration Isolation System (MVIS®) and steel-reinforced belts, this highly recommended garage door opener truly delivers smooth- running and super-quiet operation. It also meets all UL325 requirements and is equipped with MyQ Technology.

Garage Door Opener Features

Here are some of the features of the LiftMaster 8557W Garage Door Opener Series:

  •    Drive system: Belt Drive
  •    Horsepower:  3/4 HP
  •     Voltage/ phase: 115V 60Hz
  •     Lighting System: 2 lights (100 watts max per light) with adjustable light time delay
  •     Warranty: Lifetime on motor and belt
  •     Additional headroom required: 2″
  •     Other garage door opener parts: guaranteed for five years

The LiftMaster 8557W Difference

The LiftMaster 8557 series features cutting-edge MyQ Technology.… Garage Door Repair

Installation and Repair of Garage Door Openers

LiftMaster 8550W Garage Door Opener | Installation

Features of the LiftMaster 8550W Garage Door Opener

Installation and Repair of Garage Door Openers

The LiftMaster 8550W manufactured by the Chamberlain Group is part of the Elite Series from the LiftMaster brand. This garage door opener takes pride in great features like Smart Control Panel as well as a second remote to offer a reliable and automatic closing functionality.

Unlike most of the chain-drive units used in homes today, this garage door opener runs quietly and smoothly, with the help of all the essential features that it comes with.

The Garge Door Opener Design

Powerful Motor

The LiftMaster 8550W Garage Door Opener is equipped with a powerful ¾ horsepower motor that has the capability of holding up heavy standard sectional doors and wood, gatehouse-style doors.… Garage Door Repair

Garage Door Opener Repair and Installation

LiftMaster 8165 Garage Door Opener | Installation

The Liftmaster 8165

For dependable performance, the LiftMaster 8165 electric door opener is the best choice. This is one of the products that are manufactured by the Chamberlain Group. It comes with an industrial-strength chain drive that works best with its powerful ½ Horse Power motor to offer solid and undisturbed performance.

Garage Door Opener Repair and Installation

Great Features of LiftMaster 8165 Door Operator

The Connectivity

This amazing product from Chamberlain Group comes with a system known as the MyQ Technology. This technology gives you an opportunity to know of all the happenings at your home even when you are away.

You will be able to control and monitor your home lighting and Garage Door Opener from any location you may be.… Garage Door Repair

Garage Door Opener Repair

Liftmaster 8587 Garage Door Opener | Installation

Garage Door Opener Benefits | Lift Master 8587

Garage Door Opener Repair

LiftMaster 8587W is another great garage door operator that is built by The Chamberlain Group. This ultra-powerful garage door opener from the Elite Series is built to offer maximum powers that can be able to lift very heavy doors.  You will find wholly equipped with great features like the MyQ Technology and the Security+ 2.0.

These technologies allow the users to securely control their garage door opener as well as the house lights. This can be conveniently done with a computer, tablet or just as a smartphone.

Features Of LiftMaster 8587W


Everything has been easy with the MyQ technology that is featured in this garage door opener installation.Garage Door Repair

New Lift Master Openers and Installation

Liftmaster 8355 | Garage Door Opener | Installation

Garage Door Opener Benefits | Lift Master 8355

Lift Master 8355 Garage Door Opener

The LiftMaster 8355 garage door opener is one of the great door operators manufactured by The Chamberlain Group. This belt-drive garage door opener is one of the great products that have ever come out of the LiftMaster brand.  Apart from being energy efficient, this door operator is quiet and very smart.

It has a 1/3-horse power AC motor that gives the perfect lifting power needed for most doors.

The LiftMaster 8355 garage door opener installation features a MyQ technology that will not let you down.  You can also comfortably operate this amazing garage door opener from your computer or smartphone.

Garage Door Repair
Lift Master Garage Door Opener

Liftmaster 8360 Garage Door Opener | Installation

Garage Door Opener Benefits | LiftMaster 8360

Lift Master Garage Door Opener
The LiftMaster 8360 Garage Door Opener is manufactured by the Chamberlain Group. As a highly sturdy and reliable unit, the Liftmaster 8360 has a rugged chain drive – and optional Battery Backup System that ensures your garage door opener will work even when the power it out. This unique garage door opener also features MyQ Technology, which lets you monitor and control the garage remotely. In fact, you can also control the door and house lights using a computer, tablet or Smartphone. The Liftmaster 8360 meets all UL325 requirements and is known for its strength and longevity.

Garage Door Repair
Installation and Repair of the Lift Master 8365 Garage Door Opener

Liftmaster 8365-267 | Openers & Installation

LiftMaster 8365-267 Garage Door Opener Benefits

Installation and Repair of the Lift Master 8365 Garage Door Opener

Garage Door Opener Features

Here are some of the features of the LiftMaster 8365-267 Garage Door Opener Series:

Drive system: Chain Drive
Horsepower: 1/2 HP
Voltage/ phase: 115V 60Hz
Lighting System: 2 lights (100 watts max per light) with adjustable light time delay
Warranty: Lifetime on motor
Additional headroom required: 2"
MyQ® Technology
Tri-Band remote (310, 315, 390 MHz)
Maintenance Alert
Other garage door opener parts: guaranteed for one year

The LiftMaster 8365-267 Difference

The LiftMaster 8365-267series features MyQ Technology. This allows you to open, close and monitor your garage door remotely - from anywhere in the world.

Garage Door Repair
Garage Door Opener Installation

Liftmaster-8500 Garage Door Opener Installation

LiftMaster 8500 Garage Door Opener Benefits

Garage Door Opener Installation

Liftmaster 8500 Garage door Opener

The LiftMaster ELITE SERIES 8500 is manufactured by the Chamberlain Group. As a highly heralded and durable garage door opener - the LiftMaster model 8500 Residential Jackshaft Opener continues to receive stellar industry ratings and customer reviews. In fact, this is the perfectly engineered garage door opener that is designed to meet all your specific needs. This includes easy mounting options, along with a remote 200-watt light that can be positioned anywhere within the garage. The optional EverCharge Standby Power System - which is designed to keep your opener running during power outages - is also truly convenient.

Garage Door Repair

Insulated Garage Door Installation & Ventilation Benefits

Keep A Cool Garage  During The Hot Summer Months

The summer months are upon us and installing a garage door cooling system would be a good addition to your homes overall eco system. 
Maintaining a cooler garage has multiple benefits to the home owner.  Keeping a consistently cooler area in the garage is not only more enjoyable when doing work or operating machinery but  will also have a positive effect on your home cooling cost, assuming you maintain an attached garage. 

Where To Start 

When addressing your garage's cooling system we would recommend taking a comprehensive approach and addressing items on a level of importance.

Garage Door Repair

Canton MI Garage Door Buying Guide

While first impressions are a good way to put your best foot forward: Your garage door will says alot when it comes to the first impressions of your home and curb appeal.  That’s most certainly true of suburban homes built in the last 70 years. Designed for drive in accessibility, many have aggressive garages that can occupy up to 30% of the front of the home.

Did you know  a garage door replacement is the only project in that can provide an uptick in value compared to the previous year of your homes value.

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First impressions, curb appeal, best foot forward: Your garage door says a lot about the appearance of your home.
Garage Door Repair

Steel Garage Door Buying Tips for Canton MI Homeowners

Things to know about buying a Steel Garage Door for Your Canton MI Home


If you're looking for security and durability in your Canton MI garage door system a steel door will get the job done

When compared to wood, aluminum or fiberglass, steel doors are much stronger and more secure.  Also while wood doors can provide for a nice appearance new technologies are allowing for steel doors to be embossed with wood-grain pattern that can look very nice as well and require far less maintenance. 

With maintenance in mind it's important to consider that steel doors won’t warp, crack, delaminate, or fall apart due to the effects of weather.

Garage Door Repair

Canton Michigan Ford Factory Art Project

Add The Canton Michigan Ford Factory Art Project to the Revival Movement 

Garage Door Repair Company Canton MI

​The canton MI garage door repair team and our community members have all witnessed the "Revive Detroit" movement and are happy to see it finally taking shape in Canton with the development of the Old Ford Factory Art Project.  Pop up Art Projects have been a common occurrence with in Michigan over the past 8 years and said to be a result of one of the greatest recessions in our nation's time.   As recorded history will tell, oftentimes communities that are plagued with hard times and economic struggles will  become the home for inspiring artist to draw inspiration.

Garage Door Repair

Ann Arbor Michigan Wolverines Vs Buffaloes

Ann Arbor Michigan Showdown Wolveries Vs Buffaloes 

​While both teams are starting the season up with two victories, this saturday's competition should be entertaining to watch. 

With aspiration to gain national recognition the Buffaloes will be starting the top ranked defence against Ann Arbor's home team. 

However even with a strong defence, the Ann Arbor Michigan Wolverines are still projected to be 20 point favorites for this Saturday Showdown.   Let's take a closer look at some of the match ups.

​Ann Arbor's Defences 

With an undisciplined defence the Ann Arbor Michigan Wolverines were subject to more than 200 yards rushing against Central Florida.

Garage Door Repair

Talking Ann Arbor Michigan Wolverines With Garage Door Repair Pros

Ann Arbor Michigan Wolveriens have Got the Garage Door Repair Pros all Jacked UP!

​With the great himself, Michael Jordan attending the opener of the Ann Arbor Michigan Wolverines Football game the Garage door Repair team was excited to sit down and watch the action.  As Michael provided the Ann Arbor MI team with some of their new apparel the university of  Michigan  was looking prime. 

​Garage Door Repair Pros got to get the Gear

If you've heard the rumors they are true.  The garage door pros are big fans of the great Bull, Michael Jordan as well as our home team.

Garage Door Repair

Canton Michigan Movie Critics | AKA Garage Door Repair Pros

Critique movies at the Canton MI cinema with the Commercial Garage Door  Repair Pros 

Canton Michigan Movie

The Garage Door Repair Pros are regular movie goers.  Visiting our favorite emagine theater in Canton MI, we are always interested in relaxing with a great movie.  The thing we love the most about the Canton cinema are the leather reclining seats.  The smell of  quality leather is something that the  Garage Door Repair pros in Canton MI can appreciate.  Featuring a full bar for snacks and drinks we always make it a good time.  

Recent Canton Mi Movies that have spun the reel | Suicide Squad

Visiting Canton  last sunday afternoon one our team members decided he would catch a movie on his day off.

Garage Door Repair
24 Hr Garage Door Repair

Ann Arbor Emergency Garage Door Repair Services

Emergency Garage Door Repair Services.

Ann Arbor Emergency Garage Door Repair Services

Garage Door Pros of Ann Arbor Mi understand how frustrating it can be when the unexpected happens.  A our emergency garage door repair services are available 24 Hours a day.    If we are unable to fix your door on the spot due to emergency circumstances we will at minimum make sure you are able to safely open and close your door with the manual lever.   Once an inspection has been performed and a better appointment time is established we will return and finish the  garage door repair.  

Never Become Hostage to your Ann Arbor Garage Door Again

Most  Ann Arbor homes are equipped with old out of date garage door openers.

Garage Door Repair

Get to know Ypsilanti MI History | With The Garage Door Repair Pros

Garage Door Repair Pros Take Interest in Ypsilanti Mi History and the City's Role in the Automotive Industry. 

Starting in 1920 to 1922 Ypsilanti Mi History has played an important role in the automobile industry.  It was in Ypsilanti that Apex Motors produced the "ACE" car. During this same time period Preston Tucker (whose family owned the Ypsilanti Machine Tool Company) designed and built the prototypes for his Tucker '48. 

Ypsilanti Michigan takes host to the last Hudson automobile dealership. Today, the former dealership is the site of the Ypsilanti Automotive Heritage Collection Museum.   Satisfying visitors need for speed the museum is also the home to an original Fabulous Hudson Hornet race car.

Garage Door Repair

Ann Arbor Comedy Club | Laughing with The Garage Door Repair Pros

Enjoying the Ann Arbor Comedy Club with the Garage Door Pros

While contributing to the area with our garage door repair services the garage door pros team  will often have a laugh from time to time at the Ann Arbor Comedy Club.   With so much to do in  downtown Ann Arbor MI, the obscure underground Comedy club can often go overlooked.  

Ann arbor MI Comedy Club

Why the Garage Door Repair Pros Enjoy the Ann Arbor Comedy Showcase. 

Hosting shows both mid week and throughout the weekend the Ann Arbor comedy showcase will provide for tear jerking good time.  Taking place a remodeled basement, this Ann Arbor scene provides for a classic and intimate setting to enjoy with friends and family.

Garage Door Repair
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