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Best Garage Door Opener

Its been a few years since you first purchased your home and now your ready to sell and get a return on all that sweat and equity you put into repairing the Garage Door, Roof, and all the other small projects.  But before you decide to call the realtor for listing, lets run over a quick checklist of items that should address for maximum return on the sale.

In this article, we will discuss 3 areas that shouldn’t be overlooked when preparing to sell your home.  We’re talking about some basic garage door repairs, landscaping tips, and easy to do paint schemes.

Garage Door Repairs: Openers & Springs

Liftmaster Garage Door Opener Repair / Install

So you already installed a new garage door as your previous one just wasn’t eligible for garage door repair service.  That’s great!  But what about the garage opener?

Let’s face it, the garage is a highly valued by the buyer but often overlooked by the seller.  A new garage door opener installation can go a long way when it comes to increasing purchase appeal.  By addressing the opener now the new homeowner can assume it will be years before they will have to shell out the money for any type of garage door opener repair or garage spring repair for that matter.

In addition to avoidable garage repairs, newer openers now come with really handy wifi integrations which allows the homeowner to easily manager their garage door at anywhere in the world.

By upgrading your opener to a system that features MyQ technology, you can easily outshine the open house that the prospective buyer will be visiting.  When selling your home sometimes it’s all about appeal and a new garage door, opener install, or a recent repair/tune-up can go along way.



Walk out to your curb and take a hard look at what you see.  Does it move you in a way that provides a wow factor?  Now slowly walk up to your home and past your garage.  What do you see?

If you not overly impressed you may consider adding some basic landscaping elements before listing your home.  Make sure your shrubs are trimmed and spread some fresh wood chips around the bases of them.

If you have area alongside the garage door, plant some small bushes or flowers.  This can be done with a relatively low expense and provide tremendous curbside appeal.

Look through the buyer’s eyes and what your competition is doing before taking the plunge of listing the home.


The Roof

While this can be a larger expense it can also make or break a homes ability to sell.  If you want to sell for a higher ticket and sell fast, you need to make sure the homes roof and the garage roof is structurally sound.

You may need a whole new installation or you possibly may be able to get away with some repairs.  Either way the roof protects your home and it a critical element in the buyer’s eyes.  Be prepared to address any areas of concern but be confident that it will pay off in the long term with increased sales value and more aggressive purchase behavior.


Don’t overlook the small things as that is most likely what buyers are focusing on.  Address your garage with all necessary garage door repairs and think about installing or repairing the existing garage door opener.  The landscaping and roof may also be key buying points that can often need some further attention.

The top 5 Reasons Your Garage Door Is Not Opening

We’ve all experienced that moment when the garage door just can’t open or close. And for some reason, this often happens when you’re running late or pressed for time. Since the garage door is the most common entrance in many homes, this malfunction can be frustrating and quite an inconvenience, and you need to diagnose it as soon as possible.

A garage door is bound to experience various functional issues every once in a while. Most garage door malfunctions happen in winter when power outages are most common. Homeowners in Michigan cities such as Troy, Ann Arbor, Canton, and Ypsilanti are all well aware of these problems. You can easily remedy some of these issues yourself, however, there’re others such as garage door opener installation and garage door spring replacement will need professional assistance.
In this article, we will go through the five most common reasons why your garage door is not opening or closing. Let’s take a look.

1. Broken Garage Door extension or torsion springs
Broken Garage Door Spring
If the motor is running but your garage isn’t opening, the problem might be with your springs. Broken garage door springs is one of the most common reasons homeowners hire garage door repair experts. Each garage door is typically guided by torsion springs running horizontally over the door width and extension springs that lower and lift the door along its tracks.

Each garage door spring is rated based on the maximum number of cycles it can handle. After the spring exhausts its max cycles, it should be replaced. Using the spring beyond its cycles can increase its chances of snapping abruptly in the middle of the movement, although the spring can also snap before the expiration of the cycles. Either way, if the spring breaks, you might hear a loud bang, and the door will not come up again. If that happens, don’t attempt to activate, open, fix or even handle the broken spring as it can be very dangerous. Get in touch with garage door repair experts immediately for help with broken garage door spring replacement or repair.

2. Snapped Garage Door  Cables

The cables aligned to each tension spring work to physically bring the door up and down. Once the tension springs snap, the cables are responsible for holding the door from slamming into the ground. Without the cables, the entire weight of the garage door will crush anything in its path –it could be a pet, a kid, or the hood of your car. Unfortunately, the cables won’t last long once the springs have snapped. So if the tension springs snap, you should close the door and don’t open it again, since this might lead to cables snapping too. Always call a specialist to handle any issues to do with garage door springs and cables.

3. The Door Is Off Its Track

Garage Door Off Track Repair

If the door is misaligned or off track, it obviously won’t slide properly. Check the track for bumps, gaps, bends, and obstacles and listen to the door as it moves. If you feel any areas of friction that make the door to slow down or get stuck or hear any squeaks, that is a sign your door needs some fixing. If you locate a track section that is misaligned, loosen the screws holding the track to the frame a little and gently tap the track into the right position.

4. Garage Door Photo-Eye Blocked

A photo-eye is essentially a safety feature that prevents your garage door from closing when there is something under it. Each door has two sensors on either side, and they send a beam to each other. If that beam is blocked or interrupted, the door will stop closing and reverse. Sometimes dust or dirt might obscure the lenses, so you need to keep your sensors clean at all times. Other times the sensors might be a bit too sensitive; check to ensure that there isn’t something on the ground that’s blocking the lenses.

5. Garage Door Remote Not Working

A faulty remote often goes unnoticed, however, of your garage door responds to the keypads and not your remote, chances are your remote is the problem. But first, make sure that you’re within range when trying to operate your garage door using your remote. Sometimes your garage door remote’s batteries might be drained and that’s why it’s not responding. Replacing your remote batteries is a quick fix that you can do yourself.


As shown above, your garage door can fail to open or close for a number of reasons. If you’re not sure about what the problem with your garage door is, it’s vital that you call a garage door repair professional to help you troubleshoot the issue. If you identify complex issues such as broken garage door spring or a faulty garage door opener, you should also request professional assistance from garage door repair professionals.

Garage Repairs & Improvements To Increase Your Home Value

Garage Door Repair Canton MI

Home improvement and repairs is one of the most vital task involved in home ownership.  This is especially true if you want to not only maintain the value of your home, but also improve upon it.   With out these maintenance and improvement activities the value of your home can suffer and if you ever plan to sell, these un attended areas may just leave you stuck sitting on a slower selling, less attractive home. 

When it comes to repairs and improvements the garage door and opener have always been one of the most neglected areas of the home. In fact, 99 percent of homeowners never make any changes or improvements to their garage doors unless it breaks down and needs garage door repair.  Any real estate expert worth their two cents will tell you that the garage door can play a key role in attracting buyers to your home if you ever need to sell.

The garage door is among the first things a home buyer sees when they pull into your driveway and at times can make up a majority of your front facing exterior .  A new  garage door not only improves your home’s curb appeal with enhanced  style,  but a well insulation garage door can also save on energy cost by being more temperature efficient.   Both of which will make your home more desirable to a buyer. 

However, if your garage door is still functional and it's not in your budget to spring for a new one,  you may be better off  calling a professional garage door service to come and perform a  tune-up prior to listing.  This is an affordable option that will make sure everything is running smoothly and quietly as possible for perspective buyer.  Believe it or not people will notice a noisy garage door and subconsciously be turned off when compared to one that performs with less noise.

To add to all that, below are just a few garage door improvement options that can help raise the value of your property.

1. Preventive Maintenance to Avoid Costly Garage Door Repairs

There is one thing every homeowner needs to always be prepared for; repairs!  Some of them may be a lot more costly than others, but all repairs need to be handled as soon as they arise. To avoid costly repairs, preventive maintenance is always recommended. This involves anticipating potential problems and solving them before they even show up. 

A great method of preventive maintenance on your garage door is by lubrication of garage parts. Garage doors are made up of plenty of moving parts which move and rub against each other when in use. Most if not all top garage door brand like Amarr Doors and Liftmaster Openers are made of metal.  Failure to lubricate regularly can lead to excessive drag / friction which can lead to an overworked garage opener and failure of the garage door operation entirely and the need for garage opener repair.   Lubrication takes less than 30 minutes but can save you hundreds of dollars in repair costs as well as helping prolong the life of your garage door.

2. Get A Good Garage Door Opener

Garage Door Repair Canton MI

In the modern world, technology has taken over everything, including garage doors. One of the most popular garage door technologies that have arisen in the past decade are garage door openers with mobile phone applications. Garage door openers can now allow you to open and close your garage door by just the touch of a button via your mobile device. 

It can also notify you that you left home and forgot to close the door, as many apps have open and closed status functions.  More advanced and some of the best garage door openers like the Liftmaster  allow you to open your garage door remotely via MyQ technology.  Know if your door has been opened by a thief or have the ability to open the door for a family member who is locked out at any time and at anywhere in the world with your mobile MyQ mobile app.

3. Fix Loose Garage Door Springs

Over time, garage door springs may loosen up mainly as a result of the cables or belts increasing in length as they fray. Consequently, garage doors with loose springs often fall slightly due to insufficient tension. In other cases, the springs may be too stiff causing the garage door to rise when it is lowered.

In any case, fixing the garage door springs is a complicated process that may require a professional with the necessary tools to do it. A professional garage door repair service will fix your springs to ensure your garage door’s balance is restored. To avoid loosening of springs, you should always replace any worn out garage door belts and cables.  Not cables should not be removed with out first loosening of the springs as tortion placed ont springs and tension on cables can be extremely dangerous if not done in the proper order. 

4. Install a New Garage Door

If your current garage door is too old, you may need to replace it with a more modern one especially if you plan on selling your home.  A nice garage door will make your home stand out from others on the block.   if you pick a high-quality garage door supplier like Safe-Way Garage Door you can often be presented with customs option and others that are both affordable and feature  a unique design. 

There are plenty of options based on the materials that the garage door can be made of; materials such as steel doors, wood garage doors, aluminum doors, among others with windows or fancy bracket hardware as accents. Go for a garage door that is strong enough for security and fitted with modern accessories.

Whichever garage door improvement you choose, it is important to ensure you consult a professional beforehand. While some tasks like lubrication can be handled by the homeowner, most garage door repair and maintenance jobs require the skills, equipment, and expertise of a professional garage repair company due to their dangerous or complicated nature. When you are done, your home becomes safer, looks better, and becomes more valuable.

The garage door pros perform garage door repair in Canton MI, Novi Mi, Livonia, Westland, Plymouth and the greater south eastern areas of Michigan.

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The Garage Doors Pro's have provided Canton MI with reliable Garage Door Services For over a decade.

During this time we have serviced thousands of homes and provided services which include:

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Providing Canton MI with garage door repair and garage door installation estimates and you will always know the final cost. We even include free disposal of old garage door opener systems.

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Top 3 Reasons To Hire A Professional Garage Door Repair Service


Garage Door Service Troy MIThree good reasons to hire a Garage Door Service

Every once in a while people feel proud whenever they make a move that professionals do. This is why DIY projects have become so popular with homeowners. Many people think that if they repair garage doors themselves, they will discover more about how some parts function and maybe save some money. However, it’s almost always more convenient to seek professional help on matters regarding garage door repair.

Garage doors are probably the largest moving parts of your house, and with such weight, you can hurt yourself pretty bad. Many people have gotten their fingers caught inside hinges while trying to do these repairs. While bruises and cuts might seem like small things, having a massive door fall on you suddenly isn’t. Our Professional garage door repairers in Troy MI can help you avoid such injuries, and they come with many other benefits. Here are the three biggest benefits of having a professional handle your garage door issues.

1. Know the value of hiring a garage door service

Saving time means saving money. And just like with many DIY projects, will probably take four times the time required by professional to get the job half done, and the end results will definitely not be up to standards. As earlier mentioned, modern garage doors can be quite heavy and complex, and it might take you ages to understand just how it works before you even get to figure out what the actual issue is. And remember, if you don’t get it right on the first try, you may end up worsening the problem by accidentally creating more mistakes. These mistakes will require additional professional time and fee to fix.

Another reason why a DIY garage door repair project will take much more time is you may end up buying the wrong replacement parts and spend countless hours trying to figure out why they aren’t fitting; not to mention that you would have waited for days for the parts to be delivered. Additionally, apart from the skills and experience, you may not have all the necessary tools required to efficiently tackle door repair projects. Without these special tools, you will not only waste time but you actually run the risk of hurting yourself.

Calling a professional to fix your door will most definitely save you the time and the hassle. You don’t have to waste time going around shopping for the necessary parts as the professional will have all this handled. All you need is to state the requirements and status of your projects, allow them to inspect your doo, and you can leave the rest to them while you spend your time on more productive matters.

2. Assurance of a garage door repair done right

Garage door professionals often have years of practice and experience repairing and installing garage doors. They also undergo extensive training followed by certification before they begin their practice. Backed by training and experience, they can help you fix your garage door problem with little hassle. Apart from your job being completed faster, you will also be at ease knowing that your door is being serviced by someone who has already handled such problems countless of times.

Additionally, hiring a professional to service your garage door means your door will be repaired using the right, high-quality parts that will actually be appropriate for your type of door. If your garage door has an issue with its opener, for instance, the experts will help you pick the right garage door opener that will not only do the job right but also last longer. So if you want an assurance of a job done right, consider hiring a professional garage door repair.

3. Garage Door Warranties

Hiring a professional also means you can get free of charge service for a certain period of time. Having the warranty to cover your garage door repairs is a great benefit while also providing the assurance and peace of mind for possible future repairs. If anything unexpected happens to your garage door within the period covered by the warranty, you can get free repair service.

Additionally, most doors come with a warranty from manufacturers, however, for the warranty to remain valid; your door must be installed and serviced by a professional. If you try to fix or service your door by yourself, you might void your warranty.


As you can see, whichever way you look at it, it’s much more beneficial to hire professional garage door service like the Garage Door Pros than attempting to repair your own garage door. You will be able to save time, get high-quality service and avoid the risk of injuries that commonly accompany DIY garage door repair projects.

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Choosing The Best Garage Door Opener For Your Home

Best Garage Door Opener

A garage door opener offers you easy access to the home and also improves your security. Features like home automation connectivity and compatibility with smart devices make garage doors a lot more convenient in today's tech age. But with so many options in the market, choosing the right device can be quite overwhelming and confusing. However, with a few guides and tips, selecting the most suitable garage door opener should not be a challenge.

Three of the most important components you need to focus on when choosing garage door openers are the motor strength, drive type, and safety features. In this guide, we will go through these components and a few more key features and functionalities that you should look out for when choosing the best garage door opener 

1. Garage opener Drive Options

Drive type is one of the most important considerations when choosing a garage door opener. The drive is what opens and closes the garage door. Your choice here will depend on a few factors such as whether you need a quiet garage door, cost-effective or well-rounded garage door. There are four main drive types i.e. chain-drive, belt-drive, screw-drive, and direct-drive garage door opener. Let’s take a look at each.

• Chain-drive openers: these are perhaps the most common and reliable openers in the market. They use a metal chain embedded on a sprocket to lower and lift doors. They are also the cheapest and strongest, but they can get a little noisy. They are convenient for heavier doors such as one-piece metal or wood doors, oversized doors, and highly insulated doors. If your door is on the opposite side of your bedroom, the noise should not be a big concern.

• Screw-drive openers: this type of drive uses a long metal rod to close or lift a garage door. Due to the fact that it has less moving parts, the screw-drive is usually reliable. If you’re concerned about the noise, screw-drives tend to be somewhere in the middle. They are quite durable and best for one-piece garage doors. They require a little bit of maintenance including lubrication every once in a while to prevent wear and tear. 

• Belt-drive garage door openers: this opener utilizes a rubber belt to close and open the door. It doesn’t have loud metal parts, making it the quietest opener in the market. They are generally pricier and hence less popular in the market compared to the screw and chain openers. They are the best option if your bedroom happens to be adjacent to your garage door.

• Direct-drive opener: this is another reliable and quiet option, but a bit less popular than other types, though they are quickly gaining popularity. The motor functions like the trolley, raising and lowering the garage door. 

2. Considering the Horsepower Options

The next most important component to look for is the horsepower (HP) rating. This denotes the lifting ability of the motor. Ratings typically range from 1/2 horsepower to 1 horsepower. A 1/2 horsepower motor is the most popular size and can lift a majority of standard garage doors.  The 3/4 horsepower motors are suitable for slightly oversized garage doors and tend to be long-lasting, popular on heavier doors made of steel and some wood type.  The 1 horsepower motors are the most versatile and powerful in the market. They are best suited for heavier garage door materials including industrial or commercial doors. 

3. DC versus AC motors

In addition to horsepower and drive type, you need to also keep in mind the motor current. DC motors tend to be the most common in the market especially on the belt drive openers, but they are also being incorporated in the other drives. DC motors are often pricier but they tend to have softer starts/stops, meaning that your door will lift/stop gradually. DC motors also tend to offer battery backup power.

4. Consider safety features

Safety is a major concern when choosing your garage door opener. Keep in mind that your garage controls what might possibly be the heaviest, largest moving object in your house. Federal regulations require all garage doors to include sensors which prevent the door from smashing anybody who happens to be under it. Another common feature is the auto reverse, which stops and raises the door off any obstruction.

Other door openers will stop the door if it gets in contact with an object. Others will shoot a lesser beam and stop or reverse if the beam is interrupted. Many latest garage door opener models such as the Liftmaster models have a wide range of safety features. If your opener doesn’t have these safety features, you might want to consider garage door opener installation of the latest models.

Bottom line
As you can see, choosing the best garage door opener is not that much of a hassle, all you need is to consider the above named main features and functionalities. Instead of doing repeated
Garage Door Opener Repairs/Maintenance, you might want to replace it with a new model once and for all.

If you still find it difficult to choose the best garage door opener using this guide, then feel free to go with our recommendation of the LiftMaster advanced garage door openers. They have a wide range of the latest models with advanced technology such as Wi-Fi, MyQ smart remote control, timer–to-close systems and some of the most advanced security features. 

Garage Door Pro Locations

The Garage Door Pros service all of Southeastern Michigan.  You can fine us performing garage door spring repairs and garage door openers repairs near you in Canton MI, Ann Arbor, Troy, Ypsilanti, and all other sounding areas.  

Garage Door Repair Maintenance Tips | Canton MI

Avoid Garage Door Repairs On Your Canton MI Home

Garage Door Opener Repair and Installation

Preventive maintenance on your Canton Michigan home's garage door system  can  prolong most garage door door repairs that would other wise happen in a sorter time span.

When using your garage door system several times a day, every day, with no sign of failure it can easily be taken for granted.  There will however be one day that something does fail, such as broken spring, the door falls off from track, or the opener is un responsive for no apparent reason.

To help home owners pro actively address these future inconveniences we have put together 9 point list of maintenance checks that home owners can reference.   Doing should prolong the need to hire a Canton Mi Garage Door Repair Expert.   

Tip #1: Listen for garage door problems

 When opening and closing your garage door system there should be a minimal amount of noise.   If your hear sounds such as squealing, scrapping or grinding you most likely have a problem.  You will want to open and close the door a few times do you can pin point where the ill regular sounds are coming form.  A properly function door will produce relatively low volumes of noise and will operate in a smooth manner. 

Tip #2 Inspect and tighten up loose hardware

Most home owners will open and close thier garage door on average 1000 times in a year.  With there being so many parts in the doors system this create for an occasional loose nut or bold after all the vibrations from opening and closing take effect.  Every 6 months to a year a home owner should check thier garage door hard ware for proper tightening. 

Tip #3  Check to see if your garage door springs are in balance

A sure tell sigh that will indacate a garage doro that is no in proper blance is one that will not hold its own weight after the mid way point.  

You can test by releasing the emergency corde from the opers rail system.  Once he door has been released from the opener you will lift the door 50% of the way up.  If your door drops back to the ground and is unable to maintain posotion it is likely you door is out of balance.  An unbalanced door can cause springs and operns to work harder than they have to which can cause pre mature failer.  

Its best to leave the tightening and balance of a garage door spring system to a professional as the are properly trained in such ares of repair. 

Tip #4 Inspect and replace any worn garage door rollers

As with tightening we would recommend inspecting your garage door rollers twice a year.   Rollers will come in both nylon and steel.  Though excessive usage the bearings in these can often become warn and will not glide as freely as they should, which can cause a door to bind up, jerk, and create stress on all other parts. 

Worn or chipped garage door rollers, should be addressed immediately.  They are an easy fix for long term function .

Tip #5 Garage door weather stripping repairs

The weather stripping is not only helps keep the cold out but it also prevents moisture from collecting in your garage.  Keeping a tight dry seal around your garage door will prevent possible service level corrosion on all of your doors moving parts.  

Tip #6 Garage door cable condition checks

Over time garage door cables can wear from both weather conditions but also the load of stress they are under.  If your cables are presenting signs of corrosion or are shredding, then they should be replaced.  If your cables are high tension cables its best to call a professional as they are generally under high tension and when handled improperly they could cause extreme injury or death. 

Tip #7 Lubrication for garage door parts

This is one of the easiest ways to maintain your door system.   You will want to use a lithium based lubricant on garage door openers chain in addition to a spray lubricant for the springs.  Both of these can be acquired from a local hardware store or by a Canton MI garage door service professional. 

Tip #8 Check the inferred safety beams

Your safety beams should be located approximately 8 inches from the floor of your garage.  These seems should be secure and aligned parallel to each other.  Often times it will be the poor alignment of these sensors that will cause your garage door to have intermittent problems. 

Tip #9 Keep your track clean

If your using your garage for a lot of wood working or anything that creates a lot of dust its important to routinely dust your tracks.   Garage door tracks that are full of dust or have unnecessary amounts of debris on them will in the long term create increase wear on your rollers and entire system. 

About The Garage Door Repair Pros

We have been repairing and installing garage doors, garage door openers and garage door spring for over ten years in the Canton Michigan area. 

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LiftMaster 8557 Garage Door Opener | Installation

Garage Door Opener Benefits | LiftMaster 8557W 

openers and garage door suppliers
The LiftMaster 8557W Garage Door Opener is manufactured by the Chamberlain Group. As a highly dependable and reliable unit, the LiftMaster 8557W offers the perfect blend of quiet and power. In fact, the unit features 50% more power – and can easily lift even the heaviest of garage doors.  With its precise and patented Motor Vibration Isolation System (MVIS®) and steel-reinforced belts, this highly recommended garage door opener truly delivers smooth- running and super-quiet operation. It also meets all UL325 requirements and is equipped with MyQ Technology.

Garage Door Opener Features

Here are some of the features of the LiftMaster 8557W Garage Door Opener Series:

  •    Drive system: Belt Drive
  •    Horsepower:  3/4 HP
  •     Voltage/ phase: 115V 60Hz
  •     Lighting System: 2 lights (100 watts max per light) with adjustable light time delay
  •     Warranty: Lifetime on motor and belt
  •     Additional headroom required: 2″
  •     Other garage door opener parts: guaranteed for five years

The LiftMaster 8557W Difference

The LiftMaster 8557 series features cutting-edge MyQ Technology. This allows you to monitor, open and close your garage door from smartphones, tablets or computers – anywhere in the world. With Wi-Fi capabilities and durable features, this unit makes any garage door opener installation practical and easy. It is especially designed for heavier garage doors as well, and offers 50% more lifting power than other openers within and outside of the LiftMaster series. With this in mind, the LiftMaster 8557W is truly a cutting-edge garage door opener that is cost-effective and features the following:

•    The perfect garage door openers for heavier doors – wood, aluminum, steel, roll-out and more.
•    Homeowners can take advantage of Wi-Fi capabilities to easily monitor, open and close the door from a myriad of locations.
•    The LiftMaster 8557 is designed to ensure optimal power but with a quiet and serene performance. This means no more loud or squeaky noises when opening or closing the garage door.
•    Homeowners get a lifetime warrant on the motor and belt for maximum convenience.
•    The perfect opener for newly installed doors that cannot operate with traditional or conventional units.

LiftMaster 8557 Security Features

The LiftMaster 8557 series features The Protector System, which projects an invisible light across the garage door opening. This automatically reverses the door if anything interrupts the beam while the door is going down. In fact, this technology is designed to detect and sense and obstacles that are hindering overall performance. This includes humans, pets, trash cans and other objects. The Opener light turns on automatically when The Protector System’s infrared beam is broken as well.

Here are some more security features for your convenience:

  •     Manual Release Handle – the garage door opener does have a manual release in case of power failure.
    Security+2.0®– eliminates frequency interference and assures a new code is sent every time the remote control is used.
  •     Patented PosiLock® – the system ensures the door remains securely locked when the garage door is closed.

For best performance, installation should be done by a licensed and certified garage door professional. For more information on the LiftMaster 8557W, simply contact the company or check the Web for more reviews today. You can also speak to a licensed garage door installer for more details on garage door opener installation for your home or business.

Installation and Repair of Garage Door Openers

LiftMaster 8550W Garage Door Opener | Installation

Features of the LiftMaster 8550W Garage Door Opener

Installation and Repair of Garage Door Openers

The LiftMaster 8550W manufactured by the Chamberlain Group is part of the Elite Series from the LiftMaster brand. This garage door opener takes pride in great features like Smart Control Panel as well as a second remote to offer a reliable and automatic closing functionality.

Unlike most of the chain-drive units used in homes today, this garage door opener runs quietly and smoothly, with the help of all the essential features that it comes with.

The Garge Door Opener Design

Powerful Motor

The LiftMaster 8550W Garage Door Opener is equipped with a powerful ¾ horsepower motor that has the capability of holding up heavy standard sectional doors and wood, gatehouse-style doors. The belt-drive system in the operator assists the motor to operate in a smooth manner more than a chain drive opener.

Those who should consider the LiftMaster 8550W overhead door opener installation are those who have a bedroom next to the garage. You will not experience the loud screeching and clanking from the door.

The Backup Battery

One of the amazing features that this garage door opener can boast of is the backup battery. With this feature, you can open your garage door up to forty times in case of an unfortunate power black out in your home.

Once the power resumes back, the battery will be able to recharge automatically, so you do not have to worry about charging the battery through manual means.

The LiftMaster 8550W is compatible with MyQ home automation system and still operates well with the HomeLink technology.

Timer-To-Close Function

One of the things that the best garage door openers installation comes with is the timer. These timers help when you want to close your door. The LiftMaster brand from Chamberlain Company is one of the openers available with a timer-to-close function.

One good thing about this timer is that it can be set to 1, 5 or even 10 minutes with just a press of a button. In fact, you can customize your own time up to about 99 minutes. With this, you will never forget to close the door.

Security & Safety

The Standard Safety Features

The LiftMaster 8550W Elite Series comes with the standardized safety features that are only offered by the best garage door openers. The feature also includes a safety infrared beam that is situated at the garage door’s base and opens the door whenever it is crossed by anything.

With this kind of garage door opener installation, you will not be worried about pets or children getting trapped under the door.

This door is also very sensitive to pressure and would be lifted or reversed by the opener whenever it experiences a problem while going to the ground.

The Security+ 2.0 System

Security+ 2.0 system, which the remote uses, is a series of millions of rolling codes that reset whenever the door is opened.  This great security measure ensures that nobody is capable of hacking the codes of your door and opening it whenever you are away.

There is also a motion sensor built into the control panel that automatically turns on the lights. You don’t have to walk through the dark garage at night.

The Liftmaster 8550W is one of the great garage door openers that have ever been produced by The Chamberlain Group. This Elite Series is ideal for those who have heavy doors or just desire an opener that can’t be heard in the entire house.

You can keep your home secure and safe by having this garage door opener installation today.

Garage Door Opener Repair and Installation

LiftMaster 8165 Garage Door Opener | Installation

The Liftmaster 8165

For dependable performance, the LiftMaster 8165 electric door opener is the best choice. This is one of the products that are manufactured by the Chamberlain Group. It comes with an industrial-strength chain drive that works best with its powerful ½ Horse Power motor to offer solid and undisturbed performance.

Garage Door Opener Repair and Installation

Great Features of LiftMaster 8165 Door Operator

The Connectivity

This amazing product from Chamberlain Group comes with a system known as the MyQ Technology. This technology gives you an opportunity to know of all the happenings at your home even when you are away.

You will be able to control and monitor your home lighting and Garage Door Opener from any location you may be. All you will have to do is to pair the technology with the Internet Gateway.

You will also be able to receive text and email alerts so that you can know the condition of your as well as the home lighting. The good news is that the MyQ application is available at no cost or any annual activation fee.

The Performance

The LiftMaster 8165 is one of the most efficient electric door openers that Chamberlain Group has even manufactured. This can be seen in the amount of power it uses. In standby mode, this door operator uses up to 75 percent less power. It also comes with a Belt Drive System for the AC motor, which is very ultra-quiet but can achieve a lot.

With this system, the machine can work for several years without having to consider maintenance services.

The LiftMaster 8165 is built on P3 Motors. The P3 Motors are specially made to be used in Garage Door opener installation. That explains why the LiftMaster 8165 is very powerful and durable.

The Security & Safety of LiftMaster 8165

Security is one of the areas that are fully taken care of by the manufacturer of this garage door opener.

It is available with a technology known as Security+ 2.0, which ensures that all your households are secure and safe. With just a click to the system, a new code is transmitted to the door operator to enable the door open only for you.

There are also visual and audio warnings that the door produces when it is about to close. These will enable you to stay out of any danger at the time you are operating the door.

If anything interferes with the safety beam that crosses the garage door opening, you can easily stop the door from closing until you ensure everything is out of danger.

Another system that is available with the LiftMaster 8165 Door Operator is the PosiLock. This technology allows you to lock down your garage door against any kind of forced opening.

The List of Included Accessories

The following are some of the accessories you will receive with the LiftMaster 8165:

·         The Multi-Function Control Panel (882LM) – This will enable you to program keypads, remote controls, and MyQ Light Accessories. For additional security, you will receive a lockout remote control.

·         1-Button Remote Control (891LM) –  With this accessory, you can be able to control a gate operator, a single garage door opener or even the MyQ Light Accessory.

Apart from the list of these included accessories, there are also other optional accessories that you will be able to receive with the LiftMaster8165 garage door opener. They include the following;

·         The Remote Light Control

·         The Ceiling Mount

·         The Internet Gateway

·         The Door & Gate Monitor

Garage Door Opener Repair

Liftmaster 8587 Garage Door Opener | Installation

Garage Door Opener Benefits | Lift Master 8587

Garage Door Opener Repair

LiftMaster 8587W is another great garage door operator that is built by The Chamberlain Group. This ultra-powerful garage door opener from the Elite Series is built to offer maximum powers that can be able to lift very heavy doors.  You will find wholly equipped with great features like the MyQ Technology and the Security+ 2.0.

These technologies allow the users to securely control their garage door opener as well as the house lights. This can be conveniently done with a computer, tablet or just as a smartphone.

Features Of LiftMaster 8587W


Everything has been easy with the MyQ technology that is featured in this garage door opener installation. With this app on your smartphone or tablet, you can receive alerts in the form of pop-up notifications or emails so that you can always be aware of the status of your house lights and garage doors.

The good news is that you can obtain this amazing app at no cost and with no annual subscription.

The Performance of LiftMaster 8587W

The performance is one of the areas that the manufacturer of this great garage door operator has greatly focused on. The Liftmaster 8587W is equipped with a P3 motor that has been proved to be durable, reliable and very powerful.

Ever wondered why this garage door opener is capable of lifting even the heaviest doors? The secret lies in the P3 motor.

The motor also has a ¾ horse power that is built with a great chain drive to gives the power capable of lifting even solid wood and carriage house doors.

It also has an optional rail system that opens up to about 14-inches high doors. Apart from the optional rail system, this garage door opener installation also features a reinforced chassis and I-beam rail system that has chain drive to give the required support.

There is also an enclosed gear case that gives the continued lubrication that the system needs to stay for as many years as possible.  The 6-power code present here makes the garage door opener installation easier than anyone can ever imagine. The 6-power code also works best for any kind of vaulted ceilings.

A Look Into The Security

The Security + 2.0 – In the security domain, one great feature that has been created here is the Security + 2.0. This technology is capable of taking demands with a just a click. This will ensure that your household is ever secured, as it will only be able to open the door for you after a click of a button.

The PosiLock – With this security technology, you will be able to lock up the door after having ensured that no part is forced in any way.

Timers-To-Close – Works best for those who forget fast. This technology will automatically close the garage door in case you forget.

All you will have to do is to set a preprogrammed set of minutes, after which the door would be automatically shut.

Alert-2-Close Warnings – Warnings are the best way to remind someone about an important thing. That is why the Chamberlain Group has incorporated it in this garage door opener installation.

You will be able to get audio and visual warnings anytime the door is about to close using the Time-To-Close and MyQ technologies.

Motion Detector – Nobody likes a dark place. The main work of the motion detector is to activate the opener lights of the garage door opener anytime you or any person walks into the garage.



New Lift Master Openers and Installation

Liftmaster 8355 | Garage Door Opener | Installation

Garage Door Opener Benefits | Lift Master 8355

Lift Master 8355 Garage Door Opener

The LiftMaster 8355 garage door opener is one of the great door operators manufactured by The Chamberlain Group. This belt-drive garage door opener is one of the great products that have ever come out of the LiftMaster brand.  Apart from being energy efficient, this door operator is quiet and very smart.

It has a 1/3-horse power AC motor that gives the perfect lifting power needed for most doors.

The LiftMaster 8355 garage door opener installation features a MyQ technology that will not let you down.  You can also comfortably operate this amazing garage door opener from your computer or smartphone.

The motor also features a patented Motor Vibration Isolation System that allows you to have a low noise by taking away the powerhead vibration.

Features of LiftMaster 8335

Here are the great features and benefits of having this garage door opener installation within your home:

With this garage door operator, you can receive alerts in the form of email notifications via your computer or smartphone informing you if the door is either opened or closed. The alert will also inform you of the status of the house lights.

One of the great achievements of this operator is the MyQ technology.

With this technology, you can securely control or monitor your house lights or the garage door opener from any location you may be. All you will need is a smartphone, computer or a tablet.

How The LiftMaster 8335 Performs
Chamberlain Group manufactures these garage door operators with special motors known as the P3 motors. These kinds of motors are durable, reliable and are specifically designed for this garage door operator. They will never fail you.

This operator comes with a technology known as Motor Vibration Isolation System (MVIS) that ensures a smooth and incredibly quiet operation at all the times.

The LiftMaster 8335 also comes with a belt drive system that provides a quiet yet reliable performance for the longest time you’ll have the operator.

The ½ horsepower AC Belt Drive motor does not require any frequent maintenance and check ups, hence saving so many costs.

Energy consumption is one of the areas that should be considered when looking forward to having a garage door opener installation. In standby mode, this garage door opener uses up to 75 percent less power.
In addition to all that, you get a lifetime motor and belt warranty of one year.

Security & SafetyGarage Door Security By Lift master
Security is one of the areas that must be given priority when it comes to having a garage door operator.

The LiftMaster 8355 is equipped with a Security + 2.0 technology that ensures that your entire household is safe and secure. The door will only be able to open for the owner once a new code has been transmitted in. This can be done with just a click.

Another great technology that is available here is the PosiLock, which assists in locking down your door after having checked for any forced opening.

You will also be able to find the Protector System as one of the security accessories for this garage door operator. This system has safety sensors that will be able to project a light beam across the opening of the door. The door will then be reversed automatically in case of any kind of interruption to the beam.

Courtesy of the MyQ© Technology, you will also be able to receive visual and audible warnings just as the garage door is about to close. This is relayed through the Alert-2-Close warning system.

Indeed, this garage door opener is a must have.

Lift Master Garage Door Opener

Liftmaster 8360 Garage Door Opener | Installation

Garage Door Opener Benefits | LiftMaster 8360

Lift Master Garage Door Opener
The LiftMaster 8360 Garage Door Opener is manufactured by the Chamberlain Group. As a highly sturdy and reliable unit, the Liftmaster 8360 has a rugged chain drive – and optional Battery Backup System that ensures your garage door opener will work even when the power it out. This unique garage door opener also features MyQ Technology, which lets you monitor and control the garage remotely. In fact, you can also control the door and house lights using a computer, tablet or Smartphone. The Liftmaster 8360 meets all UL325 requirements and is known for its strength and longevity.

Garage Door Opener Features

Here are some of the features of the LiftMaster 8360 Garage Door Opener Series:

•    Drive system: Chain Drive
•    Horsepower:  DC
•    Voltage/ phase: 120V 60Hz
•    Lighting System: 2 lights (100 watts max per light) with adjustable light time delay
•    Warranty: Lifetime on motor
•    Additional headroom required: 2″
•    Other garage door opener parts: guaranteed for one year
•    EverCharge Standby Power System: guaranteed for one year

The LiftMaster 8360 Difference

The LiftMaster 8360 series features innovative MyQ Technology. This allows you to monitor, open and close your garage door from remote and digital devices – anywhere in the world. With Wi-Fi features and durable strength, this unit makes any garage door opener installation simple and effective. The Liftmaster 8360 is compatible with a range of garage doors; steel, aluminum, traditional wood and even roll-out. Here are some more benefits of choosing the Liftmaster 8360 to replace your outdated garage door opener system:

•    A great and user-friendly garage door opener for all types of garage doors.
•    You can control this garage door opener with your laptop, smartphone or wireless units.
•    The LiftMaster 8360 has a rugged chain drive system. However, it is designed to ensure smooth opening and closing without those screeching and annoying sounds.
•    Homeowners get a lifetime warranty on the motor for added convenience.
•    A practical – yet effective garage door opener that is truly cost-effective and reliable.

LiftMaster 8360 Security Features

The LiftMaster 8360 series features The Protector System, which creates an invisible light across the garage door opening. This automatically stops and reverses the door – if any obstacles interrupt the beam while the door is going down. In fact, this technology is designed to detect and protect your door from mishaps and damages. This includes cars backing up into the garage door by accident, as well as trash cans, pets, or loved ones in the way. The door opener can also be programmed to correlate with your existing security and CCTV surveillance services as well. The Opener light turns on automatically when The Protector System’s infrared beam is broken as well.

Here are a few more security features for your convenience:

•    Manual Release Handle – the garage door opener does have a manual release in case of power failure due to inclement weather.
•    Security+2.0®- eliminates frequency interference and assures a new code is sent every time the remote control is used.
•    Patented PosiLock® system ensures the door remains securely locked when the garage door is closed.

For best performance, installation should be done by a licensed and certified garage door professional. For more information on the LiftMaster 8360, simply contact the company or check the Web for more reviews today.

Installation and Repair of the Lift Master 8365 Garage Door Opener

Liftmaster 8365-267 | Openers & Installation

LiftMaster 8365-267 Garage Door Opener Benefits

Installation and Repair of the Lift Master 8365 Garage Door Opener

Garage Door Opener Features

Here are some of the features of the LiftMaster 8365-267 Garage Door Opener Series:

Drive system: Chain Drive
Horsepower: 1/2 HP
Voltage/ phase: 115V 60Hz
Lighting System: 2 lights (100 watts max per light) with adjustable light time delay
Warranty: Lifetime on motor
Additional headroom required: 2"
MyQ® Technology
Tri-Band remote (310, 315, 390 MHz)
Maintenance Alert
Other garage door opener parts: guaranteed for one year

The LiftMaster 8365-267 Difference

The LiftMaster 8365-267series features MyQ Technology. This allows you to open, close and monitor your garage door remotely - from anywhere in the world. With Wi-Fi features and proven durability, this unit makes any garage door opener installation easy and effective. The Liftmaster 8365-267 is also compatible with a range of garage doors; steel, aluminum, traditional, and contemporary. Here are some more benefits of choosing the Liftmaster 8365-267 garage door operator system:

• A sturdy, reliable and durable garage door opener.
• You can control this garage door opener with your smartphone, laptop, or other wireless - remote devices.
• The LiftMaster 8365-267 has a strong chain drive system. However, it is designed to ensure smooth opening and closing without those annoying squeaky sounds.
• Homeowners get a lifetime warranty on the motor for optimal convenience.
• Features convenient Maintenance Alerts and a Tri-Band Remote Control system - garage door, lights and more.

LiftMaster 8365-267 Security Features

The LiftMaster model 8365-267 includes The Protector System, which produces an invisible light across the garage door opening. This automatically stops and reverses the door - if any obstacles interrupt the beam while the door is going down. In fact, this technology is designed to detect and protect your door from common accidents and damages. This includes cars backing up into the garage door by accident, as well as trash cans, pets, or loved ones in the way. The door opener can also be programmed to correlate with your existing security and CCTV surveillance services as well. The Opener light turns on automatically when The Protector System's infrared beam is broken as well.

Here are a few more security features for your convenience:

Manual Release Handle - the garage door opener does have a manual release in case of power failure due to inclement weather.
Security+2.0®- eliminates frequency interference and assures a new code is sent every time the remote control is used.
Patented PosiLock® system ensures the door remains securely locked when the garage door is closed.

For best performance, installation should be done by a licensed and certified garage door professional. For more information on the LiftMaster 8365-267, simply contact the company or check the Web for more reviews today.

Garage Door Opener Installation

Liftmaster-8500 Garage Door Opener Installation

LiftMaster 8500 Garage Door Opener Benefits

Garage Door Opener Installation

Liftmaster 8500 Garage door Opener

The LiftMaster ELITE SERIES 8500 is manufactured by the Chamberlain Group. As a highly heralded and durable garage door opener - the LiftMaster model 8500 Residential Jackshaft Opener continues to receive stellar industry ratings and customer reviews. In fact, this is the perfectly engineered garage door opener that is designed to meet all your specific needs. This includes easy mounting options, along with a remote 200-watt light that can be positioned anywhere within the garage. The optional EverCharge Standby Power System - which is designed to keep your opener running during power outages - is also truly convenient.
When it comes to garage door installation, it's never been easier than with the Elite 8500. In fact, this garage door opener meets all YL325 requirements - and is equipped with MyQ technologies. This includes the MyQ Control Panel, which allows you to close your garage door or turn on/off lights using a computer or smart-phone. This, of course, is made possible by the cutting-edge and innovative LiftMaster Internet Gateway, which allows you to pair your garage door opener with a range of wireless and remote devices.

Garage Door Opener Features

Here are some of the features of the LiftMaster Elite 8500 Garage Door Opener Series:

Drive system: Jackshaft
Horsepower: DC
Voltage/phase: 115V 60Hz
Remote Lighting System: 1 light with adjustable time delay - can be installed wherever desired.
Warranty: Lifetime on motor.
Other garage door opener parts: guaranteed for five years.

The LiftMaster 8500 Installation Difference

Garage Door Opener Installation

The LiftMaster 8500 series makes opening and closing your garage door easier. In fact, the installation of the garage door opener unit is especially designed for garages and unique applications that cannot correlate with traditional garage door openers. This includes garages with low, cathedral or obstructed ceilings. With this in mind, your LiftMaster 8500 is a contemporary garage door opener that is cost-affordable and also features the following:

• The perfect solution for garage doors that cannot operate with traditional or outdated openers.
• Homeowners are able to electronically program security codes from the convenient and user-friendly MyQ Control Panel or power-head.
• The LiftMaster 8500 is designed for ultra-quiet 24V DC motor performance. This means no more loud or squeaky opening or closing of garage doors.
• The optional EverCharge standby power system opens and closes the garage door- even when the power goes out due to outages or inclement weather.
• This unit is designed for sectional doors only - up to 14 feet high or 180 square feet - 650 lbs.

LiftMaster 8500 Security Features

Security Features

The LiftMaster 8500 series features The Protector System, which projects and invisible light across the garage door opening. This automatically reverses the door if anything interrupts the beam while the door is going down. With this reliable sensor technology, the garage door opener will stop the door from closing if any obstacles or hurdles are in the way .This includes humans, pets or other objects. The opener light also turns on automatically when The Protector System's infrared beam is broken.

Here are some more security features for your convenience:

Manual Release Handle - the garage door opener does have a manual release in case of power failure.
Security + 2.0 - rolling code technology assure a new code is sent every time the remote control is in use.
Cable Tension Monitor - this is specifically designed to secure accurate tension and eliminate "cable throws". This occurs when the cable slips off the drum.
Power Lock - once your garage door goes down, it is securely locked with the power lock. This is similar to a deadbolt and guarantees the door cannot be opened by force.

For best performance, installation should be done by a licensed and certified garage door professional. For more information on the LiftMaster 8500, simply contact the company to check the Web for more reviews today.

Insulated Garage Door Installation & Ventilation Benefits

Keep A Cool Garage  During The Hot Summer Months

The summer months are upon us and installing a garage door cooling system would be a good addition to your homes overall eco system. 
Maintaining a cooler garage has multiple benefits to the home owner.  Keeping a consistently cooler area in the garage is not only more enjoyable when doing work or operating machinery but  will also have a positive effect on your home cooling cost, assuming you maintain an attached garage. 

Where To Start 

When addressing your garage's cooling system we would recommend taking a comprehensive approach and addressing items on a level of importance.  Before you go out and buy an exhaust fan, duct work, sheet metal saws and all the other tools and items needed you should start with the essentials.

First Item to Address: Insulation 

When thinking about installing a garage  cooling system we would suggest to first address your garage door insulation as well as garage ceiling and adjoining wall insulation.   While most people think warmth when they hear the word "insulation", maintaining a well insulated garage can actually keep thinks cooler in the summer months.  

The methods in which insulation is designed are formulated to perform both heating and cooling benefits.  With out going in to great detail about insulation construction technology lets just lay it out in layman's terms.  Insulation acts like a protective barrier between environments that maintain different temperature levels.  

So if your garage is cool and the out site temp is hot, insulation will help maintain that cooler temperature inside.  The same principle can be applied to your homes adjoining walls.  With out a properly vented and insulated garage, a home owners garage will average between 15 and 20 degrees warmer than the out side temperature.  This means if its a warm 75 degree day your garage is averaging an exhausting 95 degree temp.  

When your garage temp starts to rise to this level with out proper insulated adjoining walls, your home will actually experience a large amount of radiant heat.  This will not only make for more uncomfortable living conditions but will also take a toll on your energy bill if running AC.  While this may not be a break the bank situation for cooling cost, maintaining insulation in the garage during the winter months will again be to your advantage.  Its basically a two for one benefit. 

Insulated Garage Door Installation

Once you have  properly insulated walls its time to think about either attempting a DIY garage door insulation project or calling a professional for installation of a factory constructed insulated garage door.

This is something that the Garage Door Pros are well versed in and would be happy to help in making a suggestion and performing a cost effective installation . ​

Second Item to Address: Garage Door Ventilation and Air Flow Systems

By the laws of science heat will rise while cooler temperatures will lay low.   Applying this understanding to your garage door venting system will help you in making a more hospitable environment and maintain a cooler over all home eco system.

While there are a few  different systems on the market that can be installed to create this  ventilated air flow we have selected two to highlight. 

Vent-A-Garage Cooling  | Cost: Under $100
Insulated Garage Door Install

This particular system is made of up two exhaust fans, two vents, power hook-up extension and a thermostat for control.   The system will require you to make 4 square cuts into your garage door, which will then be fill with the vents and fans.  By expelling the hot air that raised to the top of the garage roof , cooler air by laws of science will be drafted in through the lower vents.   You may need to higher a professional home roofer for this . This garage door cooling system can be found on Amazon.

Garage Vent Cooling System  | Cost: Around $300

While the Garage Vent Cool Breeze system is more costly it is by far more industrial and aggressive.  If you have a larger garage or live in more extreme conditions this may be the better option for your needs.  Again this particular system comes equipped with a thermostat but also features a no maintenance moter and fire dampening unit for building codes.  

Canton MI Garage Door Buying Guide

While first impressions are a good way to put your best foot forward: Your garage door will says alot when it comes to the first impressions of your home and curb appeal.  That’s most certainly true of suburban homes built in the last 70 years. Designed for drive in accessibility, many have aggressive garages that can occupy up to 30% of the front of the home.

Did you know  a garage door replacement is the only project in that can provide an uptick in value compared to the previous year of your homes value.

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First impressions, curb appeal, best foot forward: Your garage door says a lot about the appearance of your home. That’s especially true of suburban homes built in the last several decades. Designed for drive-right-in accessibility, many have in-your-face garages that occupy up to 30 percent of the front facade.
Small wonder that upgrading a garage door is a popular home improvement project. According to the 2010 Cost vs. Value Report from Remodeling magazine, a garage door replacement is the only project in the survey that recorded an uptick in value compared to the previous year.
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First impressions, curb appeal, best foot forward: Your garage door does it all when it comes to the appearance of your home. That’s especially true of suburban homes built in the last several decades. Designed for drive-right-in accessibility, many have in-your-face garages that occupy up to 30 percent of the front facade.
Small wonder that upgrading a garage door is a popular home improvement project. According to the 2010 Cost vs. Value Report from Remodeling magazine, a garage door replacement is the only project in the survey that recorded an uptick in value compared to the previous year.
Prepare to be dazzled
If you’re looking to investigate and learn about styles and options for your new garage door, take a deep breath.  This is not a small topic for the faint of heart, as you will be dreaming about doors once you’re finished learning all the different options you have to chose from.  Wayne Dalton as an example has 12 design options, 10 window patterns, and 15 colors for its Model 9700 door alone. Let’s do the math: That’s a possible 1,800 combinations! Exhale!


Know the facts
Luckily, many manufacturers are aware of all the different options available and how it can be overwhelming. Because of this many of their websites are equipped with digital visualization tools.
  • At Wayne-Dalton’s slick Garage Door Design, you can upload a photo of your own house, then overlay hundreds of styles, window shapes and colors. No photo? Choose from stock images to approximate your home.
  • The Door Designer from Amarr Door is a simple program that uploads architectural renderings onto stock house designs. When you’re done, e-mail the finished design to Amarr for a price quote tailored to your area.
Back to the basics Manufacturers have their proprietary techniques and methods for putting together garage doors, but the basics are these:• Single-layer construction features a simple outer layer of steel, fiberglass, or engineered wood. The basic doors are lightweight, which is easy on springs, and low cost. Their insulating value is negligible.• Double-layer construction has an inner and outer skin sandwiched around a layer of polystyrene board for rigidity and an insulating value between R-4 and R-7.• Premium construction has inner and outer layers of high-quality steel, wood or fiberglass sandwiched around a thick layer of polystyrene or polyurethane insulation for maximum stiffness and insulating values that exceed R-15.
Types and flavorsAluminum
Similar to the modern day car wash doors, this modernist construction is essentially tempered, all-glass or acrylic panels set in anodized aluminum frames. Choices of frame finishes and glass types make for contemporary cool.Heads up: Glass is fragile.Insulating value: negligibleCost for a 16-by-7-foot double door: $1,500-$2,000.
High quality steel doors feature outer layers of heavy-gauge steel which is embossed to mimic wood grain or stucco. Overlays, such as moldings or cross-buck designs will give the look of carriage doors. Foam cores can also add strength and insulating values. The majority of steel doors can be purchased with factory-applied finishes. Although color choices are somewhat limited, these doors are virtually maintenance-free. Also, steel can be ordered primed, or painted to match house colors.Heads up: Steel can dent.Insulating value: R-6 to R-17Cost for a 16-by-7-foot double door: $750-$3,500.
Wooden Doors
All wood garage doors are made from moisture resistant cedar.  While redwood and cypress will give you bragging rights for the best-looking garage on the block this isn’t always the most cost effective. Not as strong as steel nor as tough as fiberglass, wood will hold nothing back from curb appeal. Note, however, that even wood comes in various prices — and levels of quality. The best doors feature all-wood frames and panels.Opt for polystyrene backing to add insulating value. The prefinished stain options are beautiful.Heads up: Needs periodic refinishing.Insulating value: R-3 to R-6.Cost for a 16-by-7-foot double door, low quality: $400-$700; superior quality: $1,200-$4,000 and up.
Rapidly gaining market share, fiberglass doors are known for their resistance to moisture, insects, warping and changes in humidity. Thick outer skins of fiberglass surround an inner foam core and a steel framework that provides strength and stability.Fiberglass excels at mimicking the colors and grain patterns of real woods such as cherry, oak and mahogany.Heads up: Single-layer versions can be brittle.Insulating value: R-4 to R-12Cost for a 16-by-7-foot double door: $1,100-$1,800.
wood Composite
A sandwich style construction make for a strong design, insulated core of polystyrene wrapped in composite wood: panels made from wood fibers and weatherproof resins. A lot of thes like to use manufacturers recycled or wood fibers for the panels, this will provide little green factor.Molded with grain patterns, composite wood can be difficult to distinguish from the real thing. Unlike wood, however, composite doors won’t split, crack or rot. Composite doors come factory finished, or can be custom stained or painted.Heads up: Nearly as costly as real wood.Insulating value: R-5 to R-8.Cost for a 16-by-7-foot double door: $1,200-$2,200.
DIY composite
Turn your old door into a carriage door look-alike with glue-on urethane and resin plank kits from companies such as Garage Door Refacing and GarageReface. These smaller companies may be localized, so check your Yellow Pages.Cost for a 16-by-7-foot door: $1,200-$1,400.
Standard construction sees layers of durable, weatherproof vinyl surrounding an inner core of foam insulation, although the cheapest models lack the foam core.  Lightweight and impervious to insects and rot, vinyl doors are durable players. Colors extend throughout the vinyl layers, so scratches don’t show.Unlike steel, vinyl is resistant to dings and errant baseballs; many types come with lifetime warranties. Despite their higher price, over the long run vinyl doors may be a more cost-effective option than steel.Heads up: Polyvinylchloride (PVC) is considered environmentally unfriendly.Insulating value: R-4 to R-12Cost for a 16-by7-foot double door: $900-$1,500.

Steel Garage Door Buying Tips for Canton MI Homeowners

Things to know about buying a Steel Garage Door for Your Canton MI Home


If you're looking for security and durability in your Canton MI garage door system a steel door will get the job done

When compared to wood, aluminum or fiberglass, steel doors are much stronger and more secure.  Also while wood doors can provide for a nice appearance new technologies are allowing for steel doors to be embossed with wood-grain pattern that can look very nice as well and require far less maintenance. 

With maintenance in mind it's important to consider that steel doors won’t warp, crack, delaminate, or fall apart due to the effects of weather.   Many steel doors are hot-dipped in galvanized steel or given a baked-on polyester finish.  Doing this allows the homeowner to not require painting as often when compared to wood. On the downside, steel doors on your Canton Mi home can be suspect to dents which can be a difficult garage door repair.

What to know about your Canton MI garage doors construction

High quality steel doors have cores of polyurethane foam insulation.  This insulation will not only keep your Canton Mi home warmer in the winter but it will also limit the temperatures in the summer.  Additionally it is less likely to sag over time.

When shopping for a door you can usually distinguish a steel door’s quality both by its thickness and the thickness of its cladding. Most higher quality doors will be  2 inches thick, filled with insulation, and maintain a clad in 24-gauge steel.  Lower quality doors will be thinner and made of 28-gauge steel (the lower the number, the thicker the metal).

Doors may be single skin, with a frame that shows from inside, or double skin, sandwiching the foam insulation between panels on both outside and inside. If looks inside the garage matter, the double-skin construction is not only much more durable but also attractive.

Weatherstripping is another measure of quality.  Better doors will have a full-width vinyl bubble weatherstripping along the bottom edge that conforms to the floor. They also have rigid vinyl end caps along the sides of the door panels, a vinyl top cap, and weather seals between each section.

For an average-size steel door, expect to pay between $750 and $1,200 installed.

If you have any questions regarding garage door repairs in Canton MI or Garage door replacements give us a call.​

Canton Michigan Ford Factory Art Project

Add The Canton Michigan Ford Factory Art Project to the Revival Movement 

Garage Door Repair Company Canton MI

​The canton MI garage door repair team and our community members have all witnessed the "Revive Detroit" movement and are happy to see it finally taking shape in Canton with the development of the Old Ford Factory Art Project.  Pop up Art Projects have been a common occurrence with in Michigan over the past 8 years and said to be a result of one of the greatest recessions in our nation's time.   As recorded history will tell, oftentimes communities that are plagued with hard times and economic struggles will  become the home for inspiring artist to draw inspiration.

Community Support will Will Bring a Canton Mi Ford Factory Back To Life

 After receiving a generous grant of support for $45,000 from the Michigan Council for the Arts and Cultural Affairs, the old Ford Factory is set to be the the newest regional art complex and known as the Village Arts Factory.   With a long tail history the old Ford Factory  was once a home to disabled World War II veterans who actually lived there and assembled parts for the detroit auto industry.  However today the future seems to be a little more colorful.  Projected plans will be to transform the building into an area that houses Multiple Art Studios and Galleries.   Coming full circle it will also be providing  classroom space for the arts education and healing programs for U.S. veterans.  There is even talk of featuring a restaurant and brewery!

The Canton Mi Art Project Locality 

With such strong support from the Michigan Council for the Arts and Cultural Affairs, they  were direct in stating that this was not a Canton Mi Specific Project.  The revitalization of  abandoned ford factory is part of a regional movement and plays a supportive role to the already strong Art Community of Detroit.  The project is projected to to begin transformation in the fall of 2017 and wrap up in late 2018

Ann Arbor Michigan Wolverines Vs Buffaloes

Ann Arbor Michigan Showdown Wolveries Vs Buffaloes 

​While both teams are starting the season up with two victories, this saturday's competition should be entertaining to watch. 

With aspiration to gain national recognition the Buffaloes will be starting the top ranked defence against Ann Arbor's home team. 

However even with a strong defence, the Ann Arbor Michigan Wolverines are still projected to be 20 point favorites for this Saturday Showdown.   Let's take a closer look at some of the match ups.

​Ann Arbor's Defences 

With an undisciplined defence the Ann Arbor Michigan Wolverines were subject to more than 200 yards rushing against Central Florida.  Still achieving a victory this behavior will need to be check while facing Colorado's pass offence.  

With an up-tempo style execution and and high percentage 38 to 51 pass completion ration Liufao is capable of causing some damage.  Michigan will have to respect the zone and be more selective with their blitzes.

Michigan Wolverines Pass Game

With a strong defence the Buffaloes have been successful in limiting rushing yards, as they held Idaho State to just 29 yards on 13 carries.  

 If this is their plan for Michigan they may be in for a surprise as the Ann Arbor team is no stranger to the air.   Just last week the Wolverines passed for more than 300 yards in their victory over Central Florida.  

The Ann Arbor Garage Door Repair Pros Projections

With calculated blitz opportunities and stable zone  the Ann Arbor Mi Garage Door Repair Pros will be placing bets on the Wolverines.  By executing smart plays and controlled maneuvers we're hoping to enjoy the game and watch the home team wrap up the weekend with a 3-0 start to the season. 

Talking Ann Arbor Michigan Wolverines With Garage Door Repair Pros

Ann Arbor Michigan Wolveriens have Got the Garage Door Repair Pros all Jacked UP!

​With the great himself, Michael Jordan attending the opener of the Ann Arbor Michigan Wolverines Football game the Garage door Repair team was excited to sit down and watch the action.  As Michael provided the Ann Arbor MI team with some of their new apparel the university of  Michigan  was looking prime. 

​Garage Door Repair Pros got to get the Gear

If you've heard the rumors they are true.  The garage door pros are big fans of the great Bull, Michael Jordan as well as our home team.  The Ann Arbor MI Wolverines. ​ Taking a break from our busy days of garage door repair you may find us in some of the apparel that jordan is now featuring with the Ann Arbor team.  If you didn't catch the the opening day game we've attached some footage game below. 

Canton Michigan Movie Critics | AKA Garage Door Repair Pros

Critique movies at the Canton MI cinema with the Commercial Garage Door  Repair Pros 

Canton Michigan Movie

The Garage Door Repair Pros are regular movie goers.  Visiting our favorite emagine theater in Canton MI, we are always interested in relaxing with a great movie.  The thing we love the most about the Canton cinema are the leather reclining seats.  The smell of  quality leather is something that the  Garage Door Repair pros in Canton MI can appreciate.  Featuring a full bar for snacks and drinks we always make it a good time.  

Recent Canton Mi Movies that have spun the reel | Suicide Squad

Visiting Canton  last sunday afternoon one our team members decided he would catch a movie on his day off.  Feeling like an action flix he opted for the suicide squad.   By the way if you didn't know Sundays flicks in Canton MI are the best.  With it being half price mattinata tickets and an open seat selection it's an affordable and relaxing afternoon.   

I digress, his reports were that if your into a dark and twisted characters then you will love the film.  His personal opinion on the joker was that the character stepped a little too far on the weird side, maybe over dramatic.  With Jack Nicholson being the pioneer and Jake Gyllenhaal  the premier jokers in our day the he really feel that this was a disappoint in either  screened roll  or actors performance.     The plot was in a flash back style with characters histories, and overall  we felt very limited in depth and didn't build much story line.   Compared to a Marvel film i would have to see another to be impressed. 

Garage Doors Pro Canton Movie Rating

Over all the Garage Door Repair team member would give Suicide Squad a 7.5.  With a couple poor acting performances and a thin plot that went from 0 to 60 the Canton Michigan movie is still action packed with what's known to be hollywood action. 

24 Hr Garage Door Repair

Ann Arbor Emergency Garage Door Repair Services

Emergency Garage Door Repair Services.

Ann Arbor Emergency Garage Door Repair Services

Garage Door Pros of Ann Arbor Mi understand how frustrating it can be when the unexpected happens.  A our emergency garage door repair services are available 24 Hours a day.    If we are unable to fix your door on the spot due to emergency circumstances we will at minimum make sure you are able to safely open and close your door with the manual lever.   Once an inspection has been performed and a better appointment time is established we will return and finish the  garage door repair.  

Never Become Hostage to your Ann Arbor Garage Door Again

Most  Ann Arbor homes are equipped with old out of date garage door openers.  We understand that most people think,  what isn't broken shouldn't need fixed right?  As  Residential and Commercial Garage Door Repair experts we hear this alot.  However we like to think more proactively.   That is why we always recommend addressing issues, like door shutters, un-even closing, or chain jumping before they become real problems.   Often times an Ann Arbor home can avoid costly garage door repairs if they simply had them serviced at the early warning signs. 

Get to know Ypsilanti MI History | With The Garage Door Repair Pros

Garage Door Repair Pros Take Interest in Ypsilanti Mi History and the City's Role in the Automotive Industry. 

Starting in 1920 to 1922 Ypsilanti Mi History has played an important role in the automobile industry.  It was in Ypsilanti that Apex Motors produced the "ACE" car. During this same time period Preston Tucker (whose family owned the Ypsilanti Machine Tool Company) designed and built the prototypes for his Tucker '48. 

Ypsilanti Michigan takes host to the last Hudson automobile dealership. Today, the former dealership is the site of the Ypsilanti Automotive Heritage Collection Museum.   Satisfying visitors need for speed the museum is also the home to an original Fabulous Hudson Hornet race car.  This is the same car which inspired the character Doc Hudson in the 2006 Pixar animated film Cars.


A brief history of Ypsilanti's very own Eastern Michigan University. 

The Ypsilanti based university was founded in 1849 and continued its developmental construction until opening  its doors in 1853.  At this point in time the school was named the Michigan State Normal School.  The original student roster took host to 122 students at the beginning of class on March 29, 1853.  An interesting fact was that these so called normal schools were established not for students to become business men or women or to become artist or computer tecs.  The school's initial purpose was strictly to train teachers for common schools also known as public schools, which were being established rapidly in new towns in the state.

This was a brief look into the past of Ypsilanti Mi brought to you by the Garage Door Repair Pros LLC

Ann Arbor Comedy Club | Laughing with The Garage Door Repair Pros

Enjoying the Ann Arbor Comedy Club with the Garage Door Pros

While contributing to the area with our garage door repair services the garage door pros team  will often have a laugh from time to time at the Ann Arbor Comedy Club.   With so much to do in  downtown Ann Arbor MI, the obscure underground Comedy club can often go overlooked.  

Ann arbor MI Comedy Club

Why the Garage Door Repair Pros Enjoy the Ann Arbor Comedy Showcase. 

Hosting shows both mid week and throughout the weekend the Ann Arbor comedy showcase will provide for tear jerking good time.  Taking place a remodeled basement, this Ann Arbor scene provides for a classic and intimate setting to enjoy with friends and family.   One of our favorite nights to attend are the amature nights.  Watching and listening to comedians that are fresh in the business and still cultivating their laugh based material is interestingly entertaining.  It may sound a little twisted, but it's kind of fun watching them battle through their nerves while elaborating on their humiliating yet entertain life stories. 

So if you're ever in need of a good chuckle while the  Garage Door Pros attend to your garage door repair needs, we recommend spending some time at the Ann Arbor Comedy Showcase.