July 23

Garage and Home Options For Improved Security

Home and Garage Options for Improved Security in your Novi Michigan home.

Moving into a house can be exciting, but putting safety measures in place to keep it protected and getting started with home security systems can seem a little daunting.

The good news is there are so many budget-friendly home security options available right now from DIY monitoring to smart locks. Here are some home and garage security options you can implement in your home; 

Home alarm system  

Did you know that a home without a security system is almost three times more likely to experience an intrusion? The best way to prevent a break-in is to invest in a high-performance alarm system, which will notify an independent security service of the break-in in progress 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

With an audible alarm and surveillance monitoring, your apartment or house will be protected from any intrusion by someone who does not have the alarm disarming code. This alarm can be linked to a connected camera.

When the alarm is activated, the monitoring center attempts to contact you by telephone to verify that there is no error or mishandling. If no one answers, the remote monitoring service can trigger the intervention of a security guard at your home

  1. Security lights

    Proper lights inside and outside your home can keep criminals at bay. Install lights near doors, windows, and other places a thief may try to enter. Be sure to use an indoor lamp on a timer when you're away from home, this will fool the thieves that you’ve home.
  2. Professional Security systems

    Professional security systems are relatively more expensive than most of the other ways suggested here to keep your home secure. Not only do they cost more, but the installation and maintenance of the systems are also factors that increase the price. If you have the budget though, home security systems are undoubtedly an essential step in turning your home into a burglar-proof fortress. Listed by priority, here are the best security systems to install to protect your home:
  1. Install a Smart Home Security

    SystemA high-tech home security system is a powerful solution for protecting you and your property. It’s generally wireless, and it includes several reliable devices to alert at the slightest danger, whether outdoor or domestic. This includes Smoke, fires, floods, intrusions, burglaries, and so on.

    If it can also be connected to a remote monitoring center, which guarantees perfect responsiveness and therefore rapid implementation of an appropriate intervention in case of danger.

    Home security systems can be as simple or as sophisticated as you can afford. Most home security systems will include at least a remotely monitored camera, motion sensors, a shock, and opening detector, smart garage door openers, a wireless network, and connectivity to a security monitoring center.

    The system should also have a downloadable monitoring app so that you can always have a precise view of what is happening at home and can intervene without delay.
  1. Secure the Doors 
  • Install Deadbolt locks. Having more than just a lock on your door can make things more problematic for any potential thief. It is very important to have a deadbolt or safety chain on the inside of your doors. Ensure that at least one of the locks on each exterior door is a deadbolt lock. Have a professional locksmith install them for you and keep track of your locks and occasionally check that they are all in excellent condition. 
  • Check that your hinges are fitted correctly - The door should have 2-3 sets of hinges which should be installed in the correct places on the door. Proper hinge installation will not only add to the security of your door but will also help keep your door in place (for example, a bottom hinge located too high could make entry easier or force the bottom of your door to swing open).
  • Check that all of your exterior doors are in good condition (no cracks, splits, ruts, etc.), supported by strong, properly mounted door frames. If your door has a mailbox slot, be sure to prevent outside access to any of the locks, which could be tampered with to open the door. For this, you can install a mailbox security cover and a mailbox cage.
  • London & Birmingham Bars – London and Birmingham Bars are a great way to secure your door frame and are police recommended. Your front and rear exterior doors should be fitted with a London bar to reinforce the door frame on the lock side and a Birmingham bar to reinforce the door frame on the hinge side.
Garage Door Security
  1. Window Security

    Windows are the second most common break-in points and should be secured accordingly.
  • Install window locks - Window locks can be compromised quite easily and are generally not up to most home insurers' standards. Make sure you have keyed window locks installed on all your windows.
  • Apply window security film to your widows – This will help prevent them from breaking in and also protect you from any risk of shards of glass if the window breaks. 
  • Reinforced Glass –The glass in a standard window can usually be replaced with this type of glass that is more difficult to break.
  • Add Security Grilles - Security bars are the best way to protect your windows from burglars.
  1. Install a Smart Garage Door Opener

    One of the ways to secure your garage door, and hence your home, is to install a smart door opener. A smart opener is suitable if you often forget to close your garage door. With your smartphone, you can lock or unlock the door. This device has an app that is synchronized with your smartphone to get an alert notification whenever your door is open.



Implementing the above measures can significantly increase the safety and security of your home. As you may have noticed, some of the measures can be pricy, so if you’re on a tight budget, start with the basics –like installing deadbolt locks, for example.  If you wanting to improve security in your garage contact a professional garage door service

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