October 12

5 Tips for Preparing your Garage for winter and Avoiding Costly Repair

Shifting from fall to winter in Ypsilanti and all other areas of Southeastern Michigan comes with a with a wide range of tasks in preparation for the cold, ice and snow –prepping vehicles, winterizing the lawn, cleaning gutters, insulating the attic and so on.  But, most homeowners tend to overlook the garage, without remembering that it’s the largest entry point into their house.

A few simple upgrades and changes can make your garage warmer while protecting it from moisture damage during the winter months. Some of these tasks may take some effort, however, when implemented, they can make a huge difference when snowflakes start to fly. Take a look.

1. Install Garage Door Insulation

Installing garage door insulation and repair in Ypsilanti Michigan

Installation of garage door insulation is a must, especially if you use it as a workshop. Good garage insulation will help to moderate temperatures inside your garage more efficiently allowing you to work all season long. This not only ensures your comfort but also protect any temperature-sensitive gadget stored in your garage.

Additionally, if your garage is attached to the rest of home, proper insulation will conserve more energy and cut down your energy costs. Remember to insulate both the doors and walls for optimal heat conservation and energy efficiency. Some modern garage doors come with insulation pre-installed, while other require post-installation.

2. Replace faulty garage door openers

Chamberlain Garage Door Opener Repair and Installation

Entering the winter season with a faulty opener can be one of the  biggest blunders of all. Being stuck in a winter storm with a needed garage door repair can be quite frustrating.

Some of the most common garage door opener issues to look out for include a misaligned photo-eye, faulty transmitter, broken spring, the door doesn’t open all the way, erratic door movement, faulty auto-reverse mechanism, and so on.

If you’re experiencing the above or any other issue with your garage door opener, you should consider hiring a professional garage door repair expert to have a look at it before winter begins. Winter is definitely not the best time to start troubleshooting or dealing with these issues. Have an expert perform a tune up and take care of things like new opener installation, spring repair, lubrication, and other maintenance tasks ahead of time before the temperature takes a dive.

3. Install Garage Door Opener Battery backup

Installing a garage door battery backup

Winter storms, snowfall, and extremely heavy rain are the most common causes of power outages.  During these extreme weather situations, your likely going to want to have your care inside where it is protected from the elements. 

However  the power is out you may not be able to do this. Installing a battery backup can allow you to access your home or garage through garage door even during power outages.

Winter storms can already make life difficult enough even without having you or your car covered in a foot of snow.   Installing a garage door opener battery backup in good time is a wise move if you have the extra budget before the weather turns nasty.

4. Repair Garage door seals

Garage Door Seal Repair and Replacement

The weather stripping and sealing around your garage door is important in keeping warm air in and cold air/weather elements out.

Start by inspecting the door seals all the way around. If you notice any damage –this could be hardened areas, tears, and cracks, and missing stripping –consider replacing the stripping with more efficient protection and a consistent look.

Use a putty knife to scrape off the old stripping and remove all the remnants before installing new stripping.  Install the new side stripping with the door closed to ensure it seals tightly to the door. The bottom of the garage doors should also be properly sealed –if you notice any damage along the bottom seal, replace it with a new stripping.  If you need help or just do not feel like doing it your self, call a Garage Door Repair Pro

5. Install electric garage heating element

Installation of Garage Door Heating Element

Preventing the cold air from coming in and insulating your garage are good measures, but they won’t always raise the temperatures in your garage to a comfortable level. Installing an electric garage heating element can help you achieve the desired temperatures with ease. This is a worthwhile investment especially if you use your garage as a workshop and spend most of your time there.

When choosing an electric heating unit, consider choosing a heater designed specifically for garage use. Such units take into account the potential of having flammable items in your garage.

Unlike gas heaters, electric garage heaters are easier to install and relatively cheaper. You should also consider the size of your garage space as garage heaters are available in different sizes.

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