June 23

Boost Home Values With Garage Related Repairs & Improvements

Best Garage Door Opener

Its been a few years since you first purchased your home and now your ready to sell and get a return on all that sweat and equity you put into repairing the Garage Door, Roof, and all the other small projects.  But before you decide to call the realtor for listing, lets run over a quick checklist of items that should address for maximum return on the sale.

In this article, we will discuss 3 areas that shouldn’t be overlooked when preparing to sell your home.  We’re talking about some basic garage door repairs, landscaping tips, and easy to do paint schemes.

Garage Door Repairs: Openers & Springs

Liftmaster Garage Door Opener Repair / Install

So you already installed a new garage door as your previous one just wasn’t eligible for garage door repair service.  That’s great!  But what about the garage opener?

Let’s face it, the garage is a highly valued by the buyer but often overlooked by the seller.  A new garage door opener installation can go a long way when it comes to increasing purchase appeal.  By addressing the opener now the new homeowner can assume it will be years before they will have to shell out the money for any type of garage door opener repair or garage spring repair for that matter.

In addition to avoidable garage repairs, newer openers now come with really handy wifi integrations which allows the homeowner to easily manager their garage door at anywhere in the world.

By upgrading your opener to a system that features MyQ technology, you can easily outshine the open house that the prospective buyer will be visiting.  When selling your home sometimes it’s all about appeal and a new garage door, opener install, or a recent repair/tune-up can go along way.



Walk out to your curb and take a hard look at what you see.  Does it move you in a way that provides a wow factor?  Now slowly walk up to your home and past your garage.  What do you see?

If you not overly impressed you may consider adding some basic landscaping elements before listing your home.  Make sure your shrubs are trimmed and spread some fresh wood chips around the bases of them.

If you have area alongside the garage door, plant some small bushes or flowers.  This can be done with a relatively low expense and provide tremendous curbside appeal.

Look through the buyer’s eyes and what your competition is doing before taking the plunge of listing the home.


The Roof

While this can be a larger expense it can also make or break a homes ability to sell.  If you want to sell for a higher ticket and sell fast, you need to make sure the homes roof and the garage roof is structurally sound.

You may need a whole new installation or you possibly may be able to get away with some repairs.  Either way the roof protects your home and it a critical element in the buyer’s eyes.  Be prepared to address any areas of concern but be confident that it will pay off in the long term with increased sales value and more aggressive purchase behavior.


Don’t overlook the small things as that is most likely what buyers are focusing on.  Address your garage with all necessary garage door repairs and think about installing or repairing the existing garage door opener.  The landscaping and roof may also be key buying points that can often need some further attention.

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