September 2

Canton Michigan Movie Critics | AKA Garage Door Repair Pros

Critique movies at the Canton MI cinema with the Commercial Garage Door  Repair Pros 

Canton Michigan Movie

The Garage Door Repair Pros are regular movie goers.  Visiting our favorite emagine theater in Canton MI, we are always interested in relaxing with a great movie.  The thing we love the most about the Canton cinema are the leather reclining seats.  The smell of  quality leather is something that the  Garage Door Repair pros in Canton´╗┐ MI can appreciate.  Featuring a full bar for snacks and drinks we always make it a good time.  

Recent Canton Mi Movies that have spun the reel | Suicide Squad

Visiting Canton  last sunday afternoon one our team members decided he would catch a movie on his day off.  Feeling like an action flix he opted for the suicide squad.   By the way if you didn't know Sundays flicks in Canton MI are the best.  With it being half price mattinata tickets and an open seat selection it's an affordable and relaxing afternoon.   

I digress, his reports were that if your into a dark and twisted characters then you will love the film.  His personal opinion on the joker was that the character stepped a little too far on the weird side, maybe over dramatic.  With Jack Nicholson being the pioneer and Jake Gyllenhaal  the premier jokers in our day the he really feel that this was a disappoint in either  screened roll  or actors performance.     The plot was in a flash back style with characters histories, and overall  we felt very limited in depth and didn't build much story line.   Compared to a Marvel film i would have to see another to be impressed. 

Garage Doors Pro Canton Movie Rating

Over all the Garage Door R´╗┐epair team member would give Suicide Squad a 7.5.  With a couple poor acting performances and a thin plot that went from 0 to 60 the Canton Michigan movie is still action packed with what's known to be hollywood action. 

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