September 23

Canton Michigan Ford Factory Art Project

Add The Canton Michigan Ford Factory Art Project to the Revival Movement 

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‚ÄčThe canton MI garage door repair team and our community members have all witnessed the "Revive Detroit" movement and are happy to see it finally taking shape in Canton with the development of the Old Ford Factory Art Project.  Pop up Art Projects have been a common occurrence with in Michigan over the past 8 years and said to be a result of one of the greatest recessions in our nation's time.   As recorded history will tell, oftentimes communities that are plagued with hard times and economic struggles will  become the home for inspiring artist to draw inspiration.

Community Support will Will Bring a Canton Mi Ford Factory Back To Life

 After receiving a generous grant of support for $45,000 from the Michigan Council for the Arts and Cultural Affairs, the old Ford Factory is set to be the the newest regional art complex and known as the Village Arts Factory.   With a long tail history the old Ford Factory  was once a home to disabled World War II veterans who actually lived there and assembled parts for the detroit auto industry.  However today the future seems to be a little more colorful.  Projected plans will be to transform the building into an area that houses Multiple Art Studios and Galleries.   Coming full circle it will also be providing  classroom space for the arts education and healing programs for U.S. veterans.  There is even talk of featuring a restaurant and brewery!

The Canton Mi Art Project Locality 

With such strong support from the Michigan Council for the Arts and Cultural Affairs, they  were direct in stating that this was not a Canton Mi Specific Project.  The revitalization of  abandoned ford factory is part of a regional movement and plays a supportive role to the already strong Art Community of Detroit.  The project is projected to to begin transformation in the fall of 2017 and wrap up in late 2018

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