A Fool-Proof Formula for Choosing the Best Garage Door Opener

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Whether your current garage door opener is damaged beyond redemption by a garage door repair expert or you’re looking to upgrade to a newer, more powerful and smart opener, you need to put a lot of consideration into your choices. Choosing the best garage opener is not just about cost or brand, it’s about features, functionality and warranty options.


So if you’re new for a new garage door opener installation, we will be sharing some important tips and features to look for, but first, a quick look at the available types of garage door openers.


Types of Garage Door Openers


Garage door openers generally have a similar design –they feature a motor that drives a carriage or a trolley along a rail. As the trolley moves up and down, it pulls the door open or pushes it to close. Having mentioned that, here are the main types of garage door openers;

·         Chain-drive garage door opener –this uses a metal chain to move the trolley and close or open the door. These are typically cheaper but they tend to be noisier compared to other opener types. If your garage is next to your living room or bedroom, you should probably choose a quitter option.


·         Belt-drive garage door openerthis works in a similar way as the chain-drive opener, except that it uses a belt to move the trolley instead of a chain. As a result, this offers quieter operation and may be a good option if your garage is adjascent or under your sleeping or living space. These openers generally have fewer moving parts, which makes them low-maintenance.


·         Direct-drive garage door opener –in this system, the motor moves up and down the trail lowering or raising the door, essentially acting as a trolley. It has fewer moving parts and generally requires low maintenance to sustain it.


·         Screw-drive garage door opener –this opener type uses a steel rod to move the trolley up and down. The rod rotates, moving the trolley along the trail. This opener is also quieter compared to the chain-drive system and its fewer moving parts also make it low-maintenance.


Things to Look For In a Garage Door Opener


·         Horsepower –Horsepower is essentially the lifting power of a garage door opener, and these ratings are usually indicated on each model. If you’re doing garage door opener installation on a residential property, anything between 0.5 horsepower to 1.5 horsepower would work. If you have a heavier garage door, a higher-power model will operate with less effort and hence cause less wear and tear to the motor.


·         Remote-control reliability –signals from your neighbors' garage door openers may sometimes interfere with your opener, especially if you live in a densely populated neighborhood. So you want to look for an opener that accepts dual-frequency and can automatically switch from one frequency to the other to minimize interference.


·         Battery backup –the power backup allows you to continue operating your door efficiently even when there is a power outage. This is, however, a rare feature that you will find mostly on high-end models. In the absence of a battery backup, garage door openers typically have a manual release cord which allows you to open and close the garage in case a power outage happens.


·         Rolling-code security technology –this technology assigns a new unique code every time you use your remote control. This limits the chances of your code landing into the wrong hands.


·         Internet connectivity –the ability for your opener to connect to the internet opens up opportunities for added functionality and conveniences. For instance, you can be able to remotely check whether your door is closed or opened, or even close and open it remotely using your smartphone.


·         Auto-reverse feature –modern garage door opener models generate a laser beam that extends across the width of the garage door. If an object, person or animal breaks the beam, a safety mechanism is triggered that reverses the closing door. This prevents persons or objects from being crushed under the weight of the closing garage door.


The above are the main points you need to look out for when buying a new garage door opener. Most models from Chamberlain and LiftMaster tend to be more reliable and durable, but you can always look around and compare based on the features you’re looking for.


Once you’ve chosen your best model, be sure to consult a garage door repair and installation expert for proper and reliable garage door opener installation services.