July 17

Garage Repairs and Improvements for Climate Control

Most homeowners use their garage for more than one purpose. You can use it as a storage shed or convert it into your home office or even create a convenient home gym.

However, since most garages are typically not well weatherproofed like the main house, they end up overheating or freezing during weather extremes. The temperature can rise to an extreme level, making it uncomfortable for any activity. It can also reach freezing temperature during winter, which can cause harm to water pipes and equipment. 

While a garage cooling and heating system can solve this problem, even an air conditioner won’t be able to maintain your ideal temperature if your garage is unable to retain the cooled air or heated air. 

So, if you’re looking to take advantage of your garage space by transforming it into another room, garage insulation will come in handy.

Insulation slows down heat transfer through your garage's walls, ceiling, and floors, which usually happens during extreme weather. If you’re considering weatherproofing your garage, here are some options. 

Perimeter weatherstripping

Perimeter weatherstripping plays a crucial role in sealing your door. They not only prevent air and moisture infiltration, in winter and summer but also block the passage of dust, insects, and rodents.

Garage door perimeter weatherstripping typically consists of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) slats installed around the perimeter, top, and sides and rubber weatherstripping at the bottom of the door. To make sure that weather-stripping last longer, inspect it regularly for defects and replace the strip as soon as significant wear is noticed.

Garage Door Seal Weather Stripping Replacement

Insulate the garage door

The main garage door is often a source of drafts. To slightly limit heat loss in winter or protect yourself from the heat in summer, you can: 

Install garage door adhesive foam insulating plates. There are insulation kits on the market that adapt to all types of doors. These plates are ready to use and easy to install. It is not the most efficient thermal solution, but it is the least expensive and the fastest to set up. In addition, these foam insulation plates absorb sound and vibration, helping to reduce any room echo. 

Insulate garage walls

The walls of a garage allow heat to pass through and constitute 20 to 25% of the energy losses in most houses built before 1974. 

To insulate the walls of your garage from the outside, you can: 

  • Install siding: This consists of attaching insulating panels to the wall, then adding a rain screen film, and finally installing the cladding. 
  • Install coated panels: To do this, you stick insulating panels directly on the wall, which you then cover with a mesh and then with a coating. 
  • Apply an insulating coating: This involves spreading an insulating coating on the exterior walls, then lining it with a plaster. 

To insulate the walls of your garage from the inside, you can put insulation on the wall either by screwing it to a metal or wooden frame or by gluing it directly to the wall of the garage. Internal thermal insulation (ITI) is the easiest and most accessible insulation technique.

Insulate the Ceiling 

A garage ceiling does not necessarily need insulation. However, if you're looking to increase the average temperature in the garage, it can help to prevent warm air from escaping through gaps and holes in the ceiling. For garages in the basement, remember to insulate the ceiling using insulating panels.

Swap your current door for an already insulated model

Buying a new garage door is a much more expensive solution, but it can make sense if your garage door is damaged and you intend to replace it anyway. 

If so, invest directly in a garage door repair service that can install a a doo with built-in insulation. 


Insulated Garage Door Install

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