September 16

Ann Arbor Michigan Wolverines Vs Buffaloes

Ann Arbor Michigan Showdown Wolveries Vs Buffaloes 

While both teams are starting the season up with two victories, this saturday's competition should be entertaining to watch. 

With aspiration to gain national recognition the Buffaloes will be starting the top ranked defence against Ann Arbor's home team. 

However even with a strong defence, the Ann Arbor Michigan Wolverines are still projected to be 20 point favorites for this Saturday Showdown.   Let's take a closer look at some of the match ups.

Ann Arbor's Defences 

With an undisciplined defence the Ann Arbor Michigan Wolverines were subject to more than 200 yards rushing against Central Florida.  Still achieving a victory this behavior will need to be check while facing Colorado's pass offence.  

With an up-tempo style execution and and high percentage 38 to 51 pass completion ration Liufao is capable of causing some damage.  Michigan will have to respect the zone and be more selective with their blitzes.

Michigan Wolverines Pass Game

With a strong defence the Buffaloes have been successful in limiting rushing yards, as they held Idaho State to just 29 yards on 13 carries.  

 If this is their plan for Michigan they may be in for a surprise as the Ann Arbor team is no stranger to the air.   Just last week the Wolverines passed for more than 300 yards in their victory over Central Florida.  

The Ann Arbor Garage Door Repair Pros Projections

With calculated blitz opportunities and stable zone  the Ann Arbor Mi Garage Door Repair Pros will be placing bets on the Wolverines.  By executing smart plays and controlled maneuvers we're hoping to enjoy the game and watch the home team wrap up the weekend with a 3-0 start to the season. 

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