August 24

Ann Arbor Comedy Club | Laughing with The Garage Door Repair Pros

Enjoying the Ann Arbor Comedy Club with the Garage Door Pros

While contributing to the area with our garage door repair services the garage door pros team  will often have a laugh from time to time at the Ann Arbor Comedy Club.   With so much to do in  downtown Ann Arbor MI, the obscure underground Comedy club can often go overlooked.  

Ann arbor MI Comedy Club

Why the Garage Door Repair Pros Enjoy the Ann Arbor Comedy Showcase. 

Hosting shows both mid week and throughout the weekend the Ann Arbor comedy showcase will provide for tear jerking good time.  Taking place a remodeled basement, this Ann Arbor scene provides for a classic and intimate setting to enjoy with friends and family.   One of our favorite nights to attend are the amature nights.  Watching and listening to comedians that are fresh in the business and still cultivating their laugh based material is interestingly entertaining.  It may sound a little twisted, but it's kind of fun watching them battle through their nerves while elaborating on their humiliating yet entertain life stories. 

So if you're ever in need of a good chuckle while the  Garage Door Pros attend to your garage door repair needs, we recommend spending some time at the Ann Arbor Comedy Showcase.  

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