LiftMaster 8165 Garage Door Opener | Installation

The Liftmaster 8165

For dependable performance, the LiftMaster 8165 electric door opener is the best choice. This is one of the products that are manufactured by the Chamberlain Group. It comes with an industrial-strength chain drive that works best with its powerful ½ Horse Power motor to offer solid and undisturbed performance.

Garage Door Opener Repair and Installation

Great Features of LiftMaster 8165 Door Operator

The Connectivity

This amazing product from Chamberlain Group comes with a system known as the MyQ Technology. This technology gives you an opportunity to know of all the happenings at your home even when you are away.

You will be able to control and monitor your home lighting and Garage Door Opener from any location you may be. All you will have to do is to pair the technology with the Internet Gateway.

You will also be able to receive text and email alerts so that you can know the condition of your as well as the home lighting. The good news is that the MyQ application is available at no cost or any annual activation fee.

The Performance

The LiftMaster 8165 is one of the most efficient electric door openers that Chamberlain Group has even manufactured. This can be seen in the amount of power it uses. In standby mode, this door operator uses up to 75 percent less power. It also comes with a Belt Drive System for the AC motor, which is very ultra-quiet but can achieve a lot.

With this system, the machine can work for several years without having to consider maintenance services.

The LiftMaster 8165 is built on P3 Motors. The P3 Motors are specially made to be used in Garage Door opener installation. That explains why the LiftMaster 8165 is very powerful and durable.

The Security & Safety of LiftMaster 8165

Security is one of the areas that are fully taken care of by the manufacturer of this garage door opener.

It is available with a technology known as Security+ 2.0, which ensures that all your households are secure and safe. With just a click to the system, a new code is transmitted to the door operator to enable the door open only for you.

There are also visual and audio warnings that the door produces when it is about to close. These will enable you to stay out of any danger at the time you are operating the door.

If anything interferes with the safety beam that crosses the garage door opening, you can easily stop the door from closing until you ensure everything is out of danger.

Another system that is available with the LiftMaster 8165 Door Operator is the PosiLock. This technology allows you to lock down your garage door against any kind of forced opening.

The List of Included Accessories

The following are some of the accessories you will receive with the LiftMaster 8165:

·         The Multi-Function Control Panel (882LM) – This will enable you to program keypads, remote controls, and MyQ Light Accessories. For additional security, you will receive a lockout remote control.

·         1-Button Remote Control (891LM) –  With this accessory, you can be able to control a gate operator, a single garage door opener or even the MyQ Light Accessory.

Apart from the list of these included accessories, there are also other optional accessories that you will be able to receive with the LiftMaster8165 garage door opener. They include the following;

·         The Remote Light Control

·         The Ceiling Mount

·         The Internet Gateway

·         The Door & Gate Monitor

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