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LiftMaster 8587W is another great garage door operator that is built by The Chamberlain Group. This ultra-powerful garage door opener from the Elite Series is built to offer maximum powers that can be able to lift very heavy doors.  You will find wholly equipped with great features like the MyQ Technology and the Security+ 2.0.

These technologies allow the users to securely control their garage door opener as well as the house lights. This can be conveniently done with a computer, tablet or just as a smartphone.

Features Of LiftMaster 8587W


Everything has been easy with the MyQ technology that is featured in this garage door opener installation. With this app on your smartphone or tablet, you can receive alerts in the form of pop-up notifications or emails so that you can always be aware of the status of your house lights and garage doors.

The good news is that you can obtain this amazing app at no cost and with no annual subscription.

The Performance of LiftMaster 8587W

The performance is one of the areas that the manufacturer of this great garage door operator has greatly focused on. The Liftmaster 8587W is equipped with a P3 motor that has been proved to be durable, reliable and very powerful.

Ever wondered why this garage door opener is capable of lifting even the heaviest doors? The secret lies in the P3 motor.

The motor also has a ¾ horse power that is built with a great chain drive to gives the power capable of lifting even solid wood and carriage house doors.

It also has an optional rail system that opens up to about 14-inches high doors. Apart from the optional rail system, this garage door opener installation also features a reinforced chassis and I-beam rail system that has chain drive to give the required support.

There is also an enclosed gear case that gives the continued lubrication that the system needs to stay for as many years as possible.  The 6-power code present here makes the garage door opener installation easier than anyone can ever imagine. The 6-power code also works best for any kind of vaulted ceilings.

A Look Into The Security

The Security + 2.0 – In the security domain, one great feature that has been created here is the Security + 2.0. This technology is capable of taking demands with a just a click. This will ensure that your household is ever secured, as it will only be able to open the door for you after a click of a button.

The PosiLock – With this security technology, you will be able to lock up the door after having ensured that no part is forced in any way.

Timers-To-Close – Works best for those who forget fast. This technology will automatically close the garage door in case you forget.

All you will have to do is to set a preprogrammed set of minutes, after which the door would be automatically shut.

Alert-2-Close Warnings – Warnings are the best way to remind someone about an important thing. That is why the Chamberlain Group has incorporated it in this garage door opener installation.

You will be able to get audio and visual warnings anytime the door is about to close using the Time-To-Close and MyQ technologies.

Motion Detector – Nobody likes a dark place. The main work of the motion detector is to activate the opener lights of the garage door opener anytime you or any person walks into the garage.



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