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Lift Master 8355 Garage Door Opener

The LiftMaster 8355 garage door opener is one of the great door operators manufactured by The Chamberlain Group. This belt-drive garage door opener is one of the great products that have ever come out of the LiftMaster brand.  Apart from being energy efficient, this door operator is quiet and very smart.

It has a 1/3-horse power AC motor that gives the perfect lifting power needed for most doors.

The LiftMaster 8355 garage door opener installation features a MyQ technology that will not let you down.  You can also comfortably operate this amazing garage door opener from your computer or smartphone.

The motor also features a patented Motor Vibration Isolation System that allows you to have a low noise by taking away the powerhead vibration.

Features of LiftMaster 8335

Here are the great features and benefits of having this garage door opener installation within your home:

With this garage door operator, you can receive alerts in the form of email notifications via your computer or smartphone informing you if the door is either opened or closed. The alert will also inform you of the status of the house lights.

One of the great achievements of this operator is the MyQ technology.

With this technology, you can securely control or monitor your house lights or the garage door opener from any location you may be. All you will need is a smartphone, computer or a tablet.

How The LiftMaster 8335 Performs
Chamberlain Group manufactures these garage door operators with special motors known as the P3 motors. These kinds of motors are durable, reliable and are specifically designed for this garage door operator. They will never fail you.

This operator comes with a technology known as Motor Vibration Isolation System (MVIS) that ensures a smooth and incredibly quiet operation at all the times.

The LiftMaster 8335 also comes with a belt drive system that provides a quiet yet reliable performance for the longest time you’ll have the operator.

The ½ horsepower AC Belt Drive motor does not require any frequent maintenance and check ups, hence saving so many costs.

Energy consumption is one of the areas that should be considered when looking forward to having a garage door opener installation. In standby mode, this garage door opener uses up to 75 percent less power.
In addition to all that, you get a lifetime motor and belt warranty of one year.

Security & SafetyGarage Door Security By Lift master
Security is one of the areas that must be given priority when it comes to having a garage door operator.

The LiftMaster 8355 is equipped with a Security + 2.0 technology that ensures that your entire household is safe and secure. The door will only be able to open for the owner once a new code has been transmitted in. This can be done with just a click.

Another great technology that is available here is the PosiLock, which assists in locking down your door after having checked for any forced opening.

You will also be able to find the Protector System as one of the security accessories for this garage door operator. This system has safety sensors that will be able to project a light beam across the opening of the door. The door will then be reversed automatically in case of any kind of interruption to the beam.

Courtesy of the MyQ© Technology, you will also be able to receive visual and audible warnings just as the garage door is about to close. This is relayed through the Alert-2-Close warning system.

Indeed, this garage door opener is a must have.

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